Democrats Refuse to Address Voter Fraud

If the Democratic Party is looking for a slogan for the 2008 election cycle, how about this one: vote early and often. It would be a perfect fit since Democrats seem to have no desire whatsoever to address the issue of voter fraud.

Take the situation at the Texas statehouse where Senate Republicans tried to pass a bill that would require a photo ID to vote. The idea was to make sure, in these days of rampant identity theft, that the person casting the vote is eligible to do so. Makes sense, right? Apparently not to Democrats.

They immediately called in Sen. Carlos Uresti of San Antonio, whod been out with the flu, and exposed everyone in the Senate chamber to whatever bug he was carrying. They had to do it. Without Urestis vote, the bill might have gotten past the two-thirds vote needed for consideration.

Another Democratic senator, Leticia Van de Putte, is concerned that she may not be able to go to the bathroom. Shes afraid that is she leaves the Senate floor, one of the Republicans may try to bring the bill up again.

Obviously, this photo ID bill is a big deal to Democrats. To understand why, you simply have to look at which party is on the losing side of voter fraud, and which party stands to gain.

The Democrats will tell you that photo ID would be used to intimidate voters particularly, minorities and the elderly. Thats a bit silly when you think about it. Virtually everyone has a drivers license, a passport, or a Sams Club card. You pull it out of your wallet or handbag at Sams so how hard can it be to show an ID in the voting booth? Some chain stores now require a photo ID when you use a credit card.

Its the old world ends tomorrow minorities hit hardest headline taken to the extreme. Everyone, not just minorities, would be required to show a photo ID, and there would be help for anyone who doesnt know how to go about getting one. As far as intimidation goes, how would that work? Would hordes of young whites stand by the door to scare off legal minority and elderly voters? Not likely.

The real reason that Democrats must stop the movement to use voter ID is that they believe most fraudulent votes end up in the Democratic column.

Certainly thats what former U.S. Rep. Bob Dornan thought in 1996 when he was defeated by Loretta Sanchez in his bid for reelection in Orange County, California. Sanchez won with a razor-thin margin of 984 votes. Dornan contested the outcome charging that many votes were cast by non-citizens, something he was unable to prove.

More recently, a Democrat running for a U.S. House seat in San Diego was caught on tape telling a Spanish-speaking supporter you dont need papers for voting. Francine Busby tried to put a spin on her answer, claiming she meant that no papers were needed for someone to support her campaign. She lost to Brian Bilbray.

Clearly, Ms. Busby was expressing her belief that being a legal, registered voter is not important. You dont need papers for voting is pretty clear language whether in English or Spanish.

And just as clearly, Democrats as a party have no interest in stemming fraud at the polling place. Regardless of what they charged in the 2000 Florida tie between Bush and Gore, everything they do indicates that they believe that the great bulk of illegal votes are cast in their favor.

Back at the Texas capitol, Democratic Senator John Whitmire of Houston was seen stomping around the chamber, cursing, and complaining that his vote wasnt counted because he was briefly off the floor. Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst threatened to have him removed from the chamber unless he composed himself. He did, and for the moment, voter fraud is safe in Texas.

Republicans are not giving up, and should Sen. Uresti get a relapse of the flu, or if Sen. Van de Putte gets a really full bladder, they are poised to bring up the photo ID bill again.