Is Halliburton's Move the Beginning of More Corporate Exodus from America?

How would you feel if as an owner of a business you were hauled into Congress so the world could see you portrayed as a villain? How would you feel if you were grilled on national television by Sen. Carl Levin (D.-Mich.) and Rep. Henry Waxman (D.-Calif.) waving subpoenas to the cameras? Wouldn’t your stomach churn hearing advocates of terrorists’ rights such as Democrat Senators Ted Kennedy (Mass.) and Pat Leahy (Vt.) accuse you, an American family man with a business, of high crimes against America? Perhaps that is how many American CEOs are beginning to feel.
What if your company’s name had, through liberal demonization, become synonymous with evil? The phrase “Halliburton” has been morphed here into a pejorative by liberals and the media. Certainly, that must be one of the reasons Halliburton has packed its bags, decided to relocate outside America and declare “I’m out of here.”
I have no vested interest in Halliburton nor do I serve on any corporate boards. But as an ordinary American I was nauseated by how Democrats in Congress verbally manhandled the late Larry Tisch simply because among the many businesses the elderly and then-ill Tisch owned was one that produced tobacco. We’ve witnessed countless CEOs of drug companies, oil companies, tobacco and meat companies, and other vital businesses publicly vilified in a brutal and disdainful manner Democrats would never do if questioning inmates of Gitmo.
We Americans who have prospered by the jobs American corporations have provided citizens all over this land have been forced to watch these men squirm as if felons by Democrats on Capitol Hill whose notion of a prosperous America is not through private sector job creation but by robbing the money of the productive and handing it over to the lazy, non-productive, and those who feel entitled to freebies because they cry victim hood the loudest.
Who are the criminals in the mind and rhetoric of liberals on Capitol Hill? It is Halliburton, Exxon, Wal-Mart, Murdoch, Merck, Milliken, Rutherford, General Motors, etc. The young staffers spend all their time trying to discover criminality in our CEOs and corporations while trying to find innocence and civil rights for Islamic radicals and murderers.
Have you ever seen the face of a liberal swell in redness and anger at the mention of Osama bin Laden and Imam al-Sadr as does his/her face when speaking of corporate America? Perhaps that is why so many radical Islamists are trying to get into America while certain CEOs are thinking it’s time to leave America.
Halliburton’s decision to set up shop outside America may be a portent of things to come for other American multinationals. After all, the prospect of having to spend so much of one’s time and money not on running your business but having to endure the snarls of Waxman, Kennedy, Levin and Leahy makes outer Mongolia look enticing.
Moreover, with their penchant for meddling and micro-managing sectors that are beyond their constitutional mandate, liberals will surely scare many American multinationals out of America. We now live in a global commercial economy where businesses will gravitate to more hospitable, less antagonistic areas of the world — to those parts of the world where people appreciate the prosperity Big Business can bring.
Will the Democrats be bothered by an exodus of American companies? Probably not; for as has been demonstrated for the past 15 years and throughout our War on Terror, big-name Democrats seem less concerned about America’s vitality and only with that which grants them more political power. Besides, the less Americans rely on the private sector for their livelihood the more need for big government. Liberals prefer reliance on Big Government over Big Business. Their power derives on dependency on big, socialist-like government.
Furthermore, the companies that may decide to leave will be those the Democrats continually harass and demonize — those whose political donations tilt to more Republicans. That’s why Democrats harass them. Al Gore’s future, burgeoning, big environmental companies will not be chased down just as Hollywood, Silicon Valley and major newspapers companies are left alone. When over a decade ago Microsoft “got out of line,” years of endless Janet Reno Justice Department anti-trust investigations of the software giant provided the proper awakening. As seen recently, Microsoft and Bill Gates “got the message.”
Liberal Democrats have chosen a plan of attack that most Republicans in Congress do not yet fathom. They are not spending their time and resources defining their policy differences but trying to crush and literally destroy Republican lawmakers and donors. Big-name Democrats wish to demonize and hurt CEOs and corporations they deem friendly to Republicans just as they have chosen and succeeded in destroying and ousting men like Newt Gingrich, Bob Livingston, Tom Delay, Scooter Libby, now Al Gonzales, and tomorrow, they hope, Karl Rove and Dick Cheney. Destroy the seasoned men and you have a party without effective leaders, a party drained of its brain trust.
Destroy the Republican corporations and the Party has no money,and children of Republicans loose the corporate ladder that has historically brought them influence and status. Politically conservative young people will not be hired in Hollywood or at the New York Times.
When a company moves out of America it weakens its identification with America and its employees  loose the pride of Americanism that often comes when working for a company exclusively American. Such a situation diminishes a sense of American nationalism. But come to think of it, when was the last time liberal Democrats got choked up by the notion of American nationalism. They’ve become internationalists. Better yet, it is they who are the true multinationalists.