Radical Islam, PRC May Have Cut a Deal

America today is extended diplomatically and militarily as far the British were when “the sun never set on their empire.” Although empire-building is no longer in vogue, trying to introduce freedom and democracy may ultimately be seen by historians as the greatest challenge for America in the 21st Century. So far, the U.S., with some very courageous allies, has tried to bring the concept of a free democratic society to both Afghanistan and Iraq. Success, however, is now in doubt.

Aligned against the United States are two systems of “civilization” that have at their core the destruction of 1st Amendment democracy: fanatical Islam and the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Both are fundamentally against freedom. Both Islamic fanatics and the PRC have leaders who cannot tolerate the U.S., and as a result, will do everything in their power to prevent the United States from succeeding, for it will spell their doom. There is no gray in this argument; we have a good system with good and bad people in it. Meanwhile, both Islamists and Chinese have a bad system with good and bad people in it.

I believe that there is, in fact, a global civil war raging; my previous article, “The World Wide Civil War for Humanity,” makes this point. Tragically, it now looks like some additional credible evidence can be presented that the most dangerous situation in a three-party civil war has come to pass. Two sides have cut a deal to attack and destroy the third.

A caveat is that often in the matter of events not going one’s way, most would argue for incompetence over conspiracy every time because that is the smarter bet. Too much conspiracy theorizing and one’s argument can be easily dismissed, especially on the bold theory that fanatical Islam and the PRC have cut a deal.

First, as a matter of principal, both groups are natural enemies—just ask the oppressed Muslims in western China. The second is it would be impossible to prove because both sides are smart and capable and not about to sign a memorandum of agreement.

Nevertheless, the easiest way to see if the PRC and radical Islam have cut a deal is to look at four parts of the world. Evidence is antidotal but verifiable by Holmes’s “dog not barking” deduction. Why are there not a bunch of dead Chinese in the countries we are helping?

In Afghanistan, a friend and fellow Naval Academy alumnus, a retired Marine working for Lucent, recently returned with a warning that the PRC is dominating the communication field in both fiber and wireless. He observed personally that very little violence has happened to Chinese diplomats and engineers, while the U.S. and our NATO allies are primary targets constantly under threat of attack and kidnapping. In fact, he observed first hand that the PRC military personnel, diplomats and engineers are in no danger and can move about freely without significant security.

In Iraq, another friend, Bill Keller, a fellow Naval Academy graduate, reports the same from his personal experiences in that country. The Chinese appear to have relatively free right of passage through out Iraq to build out telecommunications, both fiber and wireless.

Keller, a Vietnam combat veteran with a master’s degree from MIT, also foresees a deal in the works between the U.S., Iran, Iraq, and Syria. In essence, he is predicting a potential “Yalta II” conference in the Middle East. If a new conference turns out as bad the first Yalta, where western democracies surrendered spheres of influence to Stalin’s USSR, the PRC would eventually be huge winners as America retreats from the oil fields.

On the African continent at a recent conference looking at al Qaeda in Africa, it was remarked, “Why, yes, it does appear the PRC diplomatic and economic players have not been targeted.” Remember, U.S. embassies in Africa have been bombed by Islamic terrorists, and Chinese are all over Sudan and other African locations without being threatened.

Iran has been one of the biggest markets, after pre-war Iraq, for sophisticated PRC weapons that make their way to fanatical organizations like Hezbollah. To add insult to injury, it was also reported the Iranians were observers in North Korea, a PRC client state, while Dear Leader Kim Jung Il flexed his missile and nuke technology. I wonder if the Iranian’s stopped off in China?

So what to make of still spotty evidence. The simplest answer is to be watchful to see if the PRC has so far just caught a lucky break. After all, until 9/11 the U.S. had been a relatively easy target dating back to the Iranians’ taking over our embassy when President Jimmy Carter was in office. For more than 20 years, we never truly struck back forcefully, except once when President Ronald Reagan ordered a strike on Libya.

However, it is very possible and plausible that the PRC signaled through Iranian mullahs, Taliban war lords and al Qaeda to just leave them alone in the PRC’s worldwide quest for natural resources and influence. This would not be difficult. In return, the bad guys would have full PRC backing at the UN and in other diplomatic forums as needed, and, “Oh, by the way, buy all the nasty weapons you can afford (or we can smuggle to you), and keep making life hell for America around the globe.”