The Left Resumes Its War on Christmas

Chicago city officials appear to be embarrassed by the phenomenon known as Christmas. They asked that an annual downtown holiday festival not include a sponsor, New Line Cinema, which through its distribution of "The Nativity Story" is too connected to Christianity and may, therefore, "be offensive to some people."

As a Jew and rabbi I am not offended that there are Christians who have a different religion than mine and that they love and celebrate it. What is there to be offended about? I have, however, read that CAIR and other Muslim groups have written that the only legitimate religion is Islam and their hope is that one day America be ruled by Islamic law, the shariah. If they are offended by displays in this country of Christian themes, they can be spared such discomfort by living in Saudi Arabia where there are no Christian symbols — they are outlawed.

Outlawing Christian symbols here in America is what some hard-core liberals would love to do. They simply need the justifiable rationales. First, they invoked "separation of church and state." But that only covers public places, the schools, and the municipality. So what rational can be conjured to rid America of Christianity at other venues? It is the multicultural excuse that "people of other faiths will be offended." The truth is that it is the secular elites who are offended, indeed embarrassed, by Christian symbols. It is they who are at war with Christianity in America.

What if a battalion from overseas landed in this country intent on abolishing our heritage, traditions, and the rituals dear to us — all of which make our lives worthwhile? No doubt, we would call them an enemy and fight with all we have. Simply because those now doing so are citizens within our own country, living among us, makes them no less an adversary, requiring from us no less a counter-offensive.

For decades the American public has been snookered by the Left into believing that in the name of “inclusion” and multiculturalism public symbols of Christmas and expressions of Christianity needed to be scaled back. In fact, we are discovering that those forces actually wish to bury Christmas, placing outside the pale of “diversity” only one religion: Christianity.

Those calling always for a “separation of church and state” do so only regarding Christianity, not other religions. Only Christian displays are considered "offensive to others". From Hollywood and the media come snide and disparaging remarks about Christianity that would bring total ostracism if made regarding Islam, Judaism, Hinduism or Kwanzaaism.

We are living in a new era. Gone are the days when what divided liberals from conservatives were the softer issues of taxes and labor unions. Today’s left strives to change completely the nature and essence of America. It is working to transform America radically from what it has been since our very founding. Many abhor the historic America we love, are embarrassed by it, see it as a predatory force of evil, and wish to remake it into a Euro/socialist country such as France or Sweden. As internationalists, they yearn not for America as is but the neutered “secular utopia” it can become — that they will lead.

Only one institution stands in the way of their hoped-for silent revolution. It is the Judeo-Christian ethic, that uniquely American Christianity which links itself with the Old Testament. From that Judeo-Christian ethic derive all of the historically conservative rules of economics, politics and the social order that have made America great. Through the notion of “man created in the image of God,” this ethic has infused the American individual with the virtues of self-reliance, accountability, individuality, risk-taking, heroism and courage, and idealism.

The well-known goodwill of the American people, with their penchant for accommodation, has been exploited by those whose ultimate goal is the slow but inexorable dissolution here of Christianity and, ultimately, Americanism. The removal of the nativity scene is the first step toward their real goal of abolishing the most special of American governing features: local control — where people in their localities decide how they will live and which values they wish reflected, not bureaucrats in D.C., elitists in New York, celebrities in Hollywood, or judicial tyrants on the 9th Circuit.

Our domestic “internationalists” know that to transform America, they must first mute its Judeo-Christian foundations. Our secularists realize that to erase Judeo-Christianity, they must first de-legitimize the America that spawned and refreshes it.
Being well-heeled and wealthy, today’s leftist revolutionaries from within are not economic Marxists but “cultural Marxists.” Their revolution is happening not through guns but lawyers, sociologists, academia and media. Their tool is “political correctness.”

The ACLU and its lawyers, for example, are not so much anti-religious as they are anti-Christian, as evidenced by their relentless search and destroy mission against any outwardly Christian signs while advocating in behalf of Islamic religious needs, Jewish ones, and even rights of those publicly practicing witchcraft “religion.” While liberal lawyers rail against Silent Night, they have no problem with the noisy day emanating from call-to-prayer wails from mosques in Michigan. Crosses and Bibles on work desks are unconstitutional, they contend, but wearing a burka that covers one’s face on a driver’s license is just fine, though it is an evasion of the purpose of the law.

Hypocritical? Not when one realizes that it is not religion per se but Christianity they are against, knowing that the way to supplant America is by uprooting the specifically Christian values that have given America its strength.

In their quest to appear noble, the destructive ACLU and the wily war machine on the Left have camouflaged their campaign against Christmas, claiming they are “protecting minority rights.”

They are wrong, for protecting minorities means not coercing them to practice what they do not believe. It does not, however, grant minorities a veto power to tell the majority how they should live nor provide the minority the right to stop people in a given locale from expressing themselves and displaying their values.

Minorities have no right to make the majority feel like strangers in their own land.
The demand by “minorities” that while the majority must be inclusive of everyone, the Christian majority must hide in a cave bespeaks not only hypocrisy but also a lack of decency and civil graciousness. To be offended by a Christmas tree or a Merry Christmas reflects the accuser’s own emotional stinginess. It is a desire to dampen a neighbor’s joy, a form of bigotry. Such lack of good citizenship should be seen for the character flaw that it is. Self-respecting people should ignore such misers.

A new dimension to our struggle has arisen now that we live in the Jihadist Era. Western Europe is showing how secularization and lack of nationalism is paving the way for Islam to acculturate Europe slowly to Islamism, a Eurabia. The zeal of Islam’s religious and ethnic imperialism can be held back only by an equally strong, countervailing assertion of a population’s indigenous religion and self-identity.

Maddeningly, Europe’s secular elites are outlawing and denigrating Christian motifs at the very moment it is welcoming, under “multiculturalism,” Islamic manifestations and religious norms. It is an act of national suicide, akin to dismantling the gunneries atop the cliffs the moment the foe begins its bombardment — when it is precisely most needed.

We, too, are allowing those from the trendy liberal salons, who find it chic to be sour on America and bored by its historic ideals and values, to shape our laws, culture and social policies — indeed our very own destiny, our children’s America.

Some are possessed by that old liberal Western ailment called self-hate. Others, while wildly successful here still retain the sense of being “outsiders” — and rightly so, since they inhere a moral value system totally at odds with mainstream America. Continued placating and accommodation will not relieve their continued criticism and indictment of America. It is time Americans realized that the professional prosecutors of America, within, are not seeking peace but never-ending domestic agitation.

Do they love America? Not the America as presently constituted, for at every opportunity they criticize American society as racist, homophobic, misogynist, anti-Semitic, unfair and imperialist. In every confrontation with a foreign power or with the War on Terror, they Blame America First, and only. These are not the actions of people who love that something. Normally in life, we try hard as we can to justify and “understand” the actions of those we love and reserve our constant condemnation for those and that which we do not love.

Why should America’s destiny and our national culture be determined by those who daily telegraph their dislike for America and who pathologically work to sink the very ship that has transported them to prosperity and unparalleled freedom?

Though less than 10% of the population, they will continue to hold sway if the other 90% refuse to fight back. We are that 90%. Whatever one’s opinion of Darwin’s Survival of the Fittest, beyond question survival goes to those willing to fight, not to those too “fine,” timid, confused, or lazy. Survival goes to those who fight hardest. It’s your heritage –fight for it!