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Federal government should back off net regulation<br><img src="images/sm_audio_icon.gif"> <a href="">Listen to streaming audio of this column</a> | <a href="">MP3</a>


Do We Need to Regulate the Internet?

Federal government should back off net regulation
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There’s a big fight brewing over the Internet.

Companies, including Google and the liberal political group, want the federal government to regulate the Internet. They claim they need this so-called “net neutrality,” but their goal is to neuter the network.

Now, companies that provide Internet service, like Verizon, AT&T and Comcast, say they are trying to take the Internet to the next generation, especially with the advent of high-definition television. And that requires flexibility, not government control. Think of it like an HOV or toll lane during rush-hour traffic.

It’s too early to know whether this will even be a problem in the future. What we do know is that when the federal government regulates something it is never faster, and it is never neutral.

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Merrill Matthews is a resident scholar with the Institute for Policy Innovation in Dallas, Texas. Follow him on Twitter: @MerrillMatthews.

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