Watch Out for Your Family: The Liberals Are Coming

America has been strong and has flourished because from its very founding it has understood the august importance of the individual family.

Strong families make a strong nation.

It is parents who inculcate in their offspring resounding moral habits and a perspective on life, which multiplied across the country gives a nation its fiber, its endurance.

A family is, in itself, a world.

Each family possesses its unique heritage and outlook which it passes down to its children — be it religious, philosophic, or emotional.

When the state inappropriately intervenes into family life, it brings to a halt that family’s particular identity, its world; it weakens the family and thereby weakens the country. State meddling is a breach of that which is sacred.

State busybuddying is an assault on the very concept of independence and liberty.

An overreaching state challenges the vaunted American call for rugged individualism and in its stead produces a bland, homogenized, timid mass.

To the extent government respects family integrity and parental choice, it is respecting freedom.

A lifetime of sacrifice and responsibility by parents for children cannot be punished with constant state challenges to parental authority.

No, "Big Sister," it does not take a village. It takes a family, which functions best without your interference.

Elitists liberals think they know what is better for your children than you, the parents, do. They want your children raised by the liberal ethos, which today is hedonistic, socialistic and indifferent, indeed hostile, to America and the Judeo-Christian ethic. They wish to replace centuries’ old family traditions that work with their version of how life should be lived. That way, their crudity and permissive chauvinism will not stand out. No one will be left who can reproach.

So as to diminish family rights, elitist liberals assert that American families are red-neck types incapable of doing good by their children, acting brutally to their own children. It is a blatant falsehood and indicative of how liberals view other Americans.

Of course liberals advocate Statism for the rest of us, seeing how they view us as semi-barbarians in need of state — their — control. Yet their own families are not so admirable and are able to overcome their misbehavior because money can cover many mistakes.

Nothing more exemplifies the cardinal American principle of local control than does the rights of parents, the inviolability of the family. And nothing more frightens liberals than local control, for it means you control your life, not them.