David Horowitz Debunks Unions' Smear Campaign of 'The Professors'

Liberal professors and their left-wing unions have banded together in an effort to smear conservative author David Horowitz for his exposé of the left’s indoctrination tactics on college campuses.

A 50-page report from a union-backed group calling itself Free Exchange on Campus slams The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America. It accuses Horowitz of being “sloppy in the extreme” and says he’s merely interested in punishing “professors whose views he doesn’t like.”

Not so, says Horowitz. In an effort to rebut the charges, he’s released a detailed 60-page report of his own. And in an exclusive arrangement with the publisher of Horowitz’s book—Regnery is a sister company to HUMAN EVENTS—we’ve been given the report.

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