Another Financial Bailout for Palestinians?

Back when the South African government was practicing apartheid, the world placed sanctions on that country. No trade. The last thing international leaders would have done was to subsidize and finance that government. So why is the world ready to finance and subsidize the Hamas government that daily calls for genocide against the Jewish people and the destruction of Israel?
Is it that the world considers apartheid worse than genocide? The people of the newly announced country of Palestine have freely elected a party which has stated as its primary goal the destruction of the Jewish people and the State of Israel. Suicide bombing is in the Platform of Hamas. The people we are asked to pity knowingly voted to continue the slaughter of Jewish civilians. So why give them tens of millions in aid?
If the world maintained back in the 1980s as it does now that sanctions nudge a country to change dreadful policies, the international community should not be funding the Hamas government but punishing it. Not aid but sanctions!
Some say, if we don’t help the Hamas government, its people will go hungry. There is a simple remedy: President Mahmoud Abbas should dip into his government’s ample coffers to feed his people. With an estimated billion yet remaining in the Palestinian Authority’s bank account, certainly Mr. Abbas, the first Palestinian president, can find a few million to feed his hungry.
And how about Yasser Arafat’s widow, living a lavish life in a multi-million Paris condo– reaching into her pocket? Her late husband’s net worth — reportedly between $1 billion and $3 billion — was diverted from "his people" for personal enrichment and much of it now resides in her bank account. If the world is told to feel an obligation to help the Arabs, then shouldn’t Palestinian Arabs controlling billions first be obligated to lift a hand, and for once do the right thing.
We’ve seen this scenario played out before. Ambassador Martin Indyk has affirmed that Arafat "for years would cry poor, saying, ‘I can’t pay the salaries, we’re going to have a disaster here, the Palestinian economy is going to collapse.’" Yet while the world kept funneling humanitarian aid, it later discovered most of the funds had been diverted to Arafat’s secret portfolio. Repeatedly, foreign aid to the Palestinians has been used by their leaders not for food but to purchase weapons, support families of suicide bombers, and fund massive anti-Israel and anti-U.S. "rent-a-rallies."
By once again funneling aid over requiring decent behavior from them, we reinforce in the radical Moslem mind that, in the end, the West will capitulate to their on-again-off-again diplomatic pretenses, pressures and threats; worse, give in to them rather than demand from them renunciation of fantasies for more Holocausts.
Why does the West feel obligated to bankroll the Gazans when fellow oil-rich Moslem countries immediately nearby could take care of all their needs? We so often hear of Moslem unity — brotherhood when attacking Israel or condemning the West — but not when it comes to feeding their brother Palestinians. Curiously, while we in the West will be moved by pitiful pictures, Arab countries and dictators will not be moved: we’ll give while they’ll hardly give.
As history has shown, the Arab world finds it exceedingly beneficial to allow their Palestinian "brothers" to rot if they can parlay that scene into an international indictment of Israel. They’ll sit by in their Rolls Royce’s before lifting a hand to alleviate that situation because they know that, in the end, the world will blame not Saudi but Israel and America, not the people’s government, Hamas, but the West. Headline: Palestinian Sneezes. UN To Meet To Condemn Israel.
For so long, the Arab Palestinians wanted a State of their own. They now have it. Having a state means one must be capable of sustaining a state. If there truly is a Palestinian Arab People, then why aren’t they out there, with pride, working their collective tails off to make the best darn Palestinian State possible? Did the original Americans whine all day or did they toil the land and break backs in pursuit of their national dream?
The U.S. and Europe are being asked to pay the salaries of the Hamas government leaders. Why should American taxpayers be paying the salaries of Arab government officers? Where is the sacrifice of Arab leaders? Or is suicide bombing the only sacrifice they practice? Since when do people go hungry simply because politicos aren’t getting paid? A farmer in Iowa can’t grow peas because the alderman didn’t get his check?
The Black Christians in Darfur have no one to rescue them. In fact, most distressed people in the world have no immediate knights in shining armor. Comparatively, the Moslems in Gaza, who now have their own state, are in an enviable position. No one is attacking them. In fact, Israel has said: "Here is the land. It is now yours. Goodbye."
As Moslems, this new country and its people have potential sugar daddies exceeding any other group in the world. There is Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, United Arab Emirates, etc. Not to mention all those brother Sultans, Amirs, and Shieks. All that the people have to do is work, build, and sweat a little.
Yet, the world seems preoccupied, always, with Arab Palestinian "suffering," more so than with any other group on earth, even groups in truly horrific circumstances. No matter how improved their situation, the world treats the Arab Palestinians as if they’ve never had anything good come their way, as if they are not obligated to do anything individually or collectively to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. The world proceeds from a premise that the international community has the obligation to give them a country, fund the country, build the country, and create the kinds of conclusions and accomplishments that took other peoples years and decades to achieve. We, the thinking goes, are to achieve it for them.
The Palestinian issue is the greatest gift ever given to all those out there who can’t stand Jews, as well as those on the Left who hate the West, not to mention those Jews who no longer favor Israel because Evangelicals cherish it. Their preoccupation with Palestinian suffering over the suffering of tens of millions elsewhere is exploited to 1) delegitimize Israel, 2) remove Europe’s Holocaust stain, 3) point-a-finger at Jewish/Israeli success for those in the Third World envious of it, 4) and deflect attention from dictators and oppressive regimes the Left supports by creating an incessant drumbeat of criticism of Israel. If the Arab Palestinians were fighting the Nigerians or Nepalese nobody would give a hoot about them.
Come to think of it, the Palestinians need to keep those Jews alive. No more Jews, no more Israel, then no more world cash and tears for Arab Palestinians. They’d be forgotten news. In fact, they’d share the fate of all those in their "brother" dictatorships of Syria, Egypt, Yemen and Sudan.