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Bloodsucking trial lawyers are out of control<br><img src="images/sm_audio_icon.gif"> <a href="">Listen to streaming audio of this column</a> | <a href="">MP3</a>


Why So Many Ridiculous Warning Labels?

Bloodsucking trial lawyers are out of control
 Listen to streaming audio of this column | MP3

Lawsuits are out of control in the U.S., so lots of companies place ridiculous warning labels on their products, just to protect themselves.

A group called Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch tracks these labels and posts them on its website. For example:

  • A label on a baby stroller warns: “Remove child before folding.”
  • A 13-inch wheel on a wheelbarrow warns: “Not intended for highway use.”
  • A household iron cautions: “Never iron clothes while they are being worn.”
  • A flushable toilet brush says: “Do not use for personal hygiene.”
  • And a carpenter’s electric drill warns: “This product is not intended for use as a dental drill.”

Now, let me close with this warning: This commentary is not intended to defame any of those bloodsucking trial lawyers.

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Merrill Matthews is a resident scholar with the Institute for Policy Innovation in Dallas, Texas. Follow him on Twitter: @MerrillMatthews.

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