Standing With Hillary

This week was a special one for Hillary in Buffalo at the state Democratic convention, where she was unanimously selected to be the party’s Senate nominee. After her 18-minute video tribute to herself, titled "Standing with New York," she was introduced by Sen. Chuck Schumer, who called her "my partner, my friend" (Hillary also called her husband Bill her "partner" and "friend," it’s nice to see that she feels the same way about Chuck and Bubba).

Keeping in theme with her video, she repeatedly asked the delegates to "stand with me" during her half-hour acceptance speech. She asked her audience to "stand with" her on at least 10 different issues, like energy, the environment, health care, blah blah blah. All were poll-tested issues on which she spoke at length, but when she asked New Yorkers to "stand with me" on the issue of jobs, Hillary kept the rhetorical flourishes rather short. "Stand with me as I fight to revitalize American manufacturing and create good, new, high-paying jobs," she said, undoubtedly hoping no one caught the irony of her statement. In fact, was this another campaign promise to create new jobs for New York? Or did she mean that she will be creating jobs for the rest of the country? Well, at least this time she wasn’t dumb enough to throw a number out there, like 200,000.