Now She Likes Ethanol

Looks like Hillary has been flip-flopping when it comes to ethanol.  In her energy speech Wednesday at the National Press Club, she called for $1 billion for research on making ethanol from fibrous sources other than grain, and also proposed tax credits for gas stations that install ethanol pumps.

But last year Sen. Clinton joined 25 of her colleagues in voting against the GOP-sponsored energy bill, which mandated the use of billions of gallons of ethanol by 2012.  The bill she tried to shoot down also included a 30% tax credit for installing ethanol pumps.  In other words, she voted against everything she says we now desperately need. 

And she even justified her opposition to the corn-based fuel at an earlier meeting with the Greater Des Moines Partnership by explaining that “I have to look to first protecting and supporting the needs of the people I represent right now.” Guess now that it’s presidential season Mrs. Clinton can start looking after the needs of more than just her New York constituents, such as her Iowan first-caucus-in-the-nation constituents.

Republicans were quick to point out Hill’s about-face. “All I can say is that I welcome her to the club,” said Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley. “The club is those of us who have already been doing what she’s been talking about.” The Iowa State GOP Party criticized Hillary of “transparent pandering” to Hawkeyes and noted that “Iowans remember her anti-ethanol past and are looking for strong leaders who won’t run from their record and change positions whenever it’s politically expedient.”