Bush and Blair on Global Terrorism

If you didn’t catch the press conference with President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair, the transcript is worth reading. PM Blair’s comments are an outstanding example of how the global War on Terrorism doesn’t have to be a liberal or conservative issue. He said:

And one of the things I think that certainly for our people they find most difficult to understand is they will say: Well, is it – can it be worth everything that we are doing? I mean, it’s such a huge sacrifice that is being made. Can it be worth it?

And I think the answer to that is: It is worth it to those engaged in this violence and terrorism to try to stop us, and we should have the same faith and confidence in our determinations to succeed, as they have in their determination to make us fail. [Emphasis added.]

And I think that is an issue for the whole of the international community, because I’ve got no doubt at all that if we do succeed, as I believe that we will in Iraq, difficult though it will be, and we succeed in Afghanistan, then the whole of this global terrorism will suffer a defeat. And that’s why I think we need an international community that’s capable of recognizing these problems and acting on them.

It’s unfortunate that our determination in ending global terrorism is questioned because Democrats and the media continue to politicize the safety of Americans and the international community.


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