Why Don't Liberals Sacrifice for the War?

From the outset of our War on Terror, liberal spokesmen have claimed that this war is not a "real" war since we Americans have not had to make sacrifices that were made during wars such as World War II. Well, I have two suggestions for sacrifice.

First: Agree to oil drilling in Alaska so that our money will no longer be given to Islamic oil producing countries that are supporting terrorists and making nuclear bombs they boast will be used against us.

Second: Quit demanding those ersatz "civil liberties" that stop our government’s ability to listen in on telephone calls from al Qaeda to sleeper cells located here planning our destruction.

For me, the above would not constitute sacrifice since I believe that terrorists have no U.S. civil rights, and in time of war, we must spy on the enemy. But for liberals, this would be a great sacrifice on their behalf for the war effort.

For me, the aforementioned would not constitute sacrifice since I believe that even during peace- time we should drill in U.S. regions with abundant oil. After all, that’s why God put it there — to be used. Oil is not there for beauty’s sake. But for liberals, it would constitute a sacrifice helpful to the war effort.

I’m sure that even the caribou would be willing to make the sacrifice of moving a tad down the road to make way for the pipeline.

But liberals will not desist from their gods, even in face of war. The "environment" and full citizen- rights for even Afghan terrorists are not to be compromised. Political positions can’t be sacrificed, for they are what makes a left liberal a liberal. Without these beliefs, liberals would loose their sense of self. It is their very personhood.

I know of the true sacrifices of young American soldiers around the world fighting jihadism and that of senior officers and their families. I’ll bet that hardly any of those serving are left wing ideologues.

Not to mention the excruciating sacrifice all of us daily make when listening to the never ending rants and carping against America on radio and TV by liberals who seem unable to shut up. Talk about noise pollution!

When liberals talk of "sacrifice" what they mean is what they always mean and want — all the time: Higher taxes. Redistribution of wealth. It’s all a ruse, just another way to coerce the American people to institute left wing policies. So don’t be snookered.

In typical liberal fashion, liberals are always out front moralizing to us "un-annointed" plebeians about the sacrifices we must make for the "common good" of which they are always exempt. Our children must be bused, while their children go to toney private schools. Our values must be sacrificed so as to institute their vision of how society should look and behave.

We, the United States, must "understand" terrorists and criminals, and the average Joe should have his money, that which he earned, redistributed to those constituencies liberals feel are worthy of the fruits of his hard work. Your money is not to be spent by you directly for your children but to causes liberals deem more important.

Islamic demonstrators holding up posters here and in Europe calling for Death to Westerners and announcing a soon-to-come Holocaust against Christians and Jews are defended as Free Speechers, and woe to the "unenlightened" among us who finds unacceptable such public calls for our death by the newly arrived living in our countries. But speech decrying gay marriage or warning of Islamic imperialism is labeled hate speech and "dangerous" to society.

The "common good" of which they now speak, their latest political buzz phrase, is not about doing what is necessary physically to protect the American people from jihadist threats, rather a phony, high sounding ideal for renewed social engineering, i.e., taking away your liberties and religious beliefs, unless Islamic ones. For the "religion of peace," we must show, they tell us, the utmost respect. Witness the reverence with which they’ve greeted the Iranian letter to President Bush teaching us what Jesus would have done and that now is the time for all in the world to ready themselves for the return of "the Muslim Prophet."

The left never changes its goal, and no matter how much we surrender, they will not be satisfied short of a European socialism, with themselves filling the top posts.

Every new situation is fodder for simply sneaking in their agenda. It will always be so, for they do not like the America we love. In fact, truth be told, they don’t like our values. Worse, they don’t like us. Perhaps that’s why they don’t sacrifice for us.