Amnesty International Offended That We Want To Be Safe

The Wall Street Journal printed (subscription required) an AP piece today reporting that Amnesty International claims the U.S.’s "relentless pursuit" of national security has undermined human rights around the world.

How so? Is it because we’re kidnapping innocent civilians and torturing them until they tell us where Osama bin Laden is? Or perhaps because we’re bombing villages full of non-terrorists in order to send a message that no one should dare even consider attacking the U.S.?

Nope. We’re "draining attention from crises afflicting the poor." According to the AP report:

[T]he human-rights watchdog condemned countries such as the U.S., China and Russia for focusing on narrow interests, diluting efforts to solve conflicts elsewhere, such as Sudan’s Darfur region.

In case you didn’t feel guilty enough for being a pro-national-security American:

"There is no doubt that it [the war on terror] has given a new lease on life to old-fashioned repression," said Irene Khan, Amnesty’s secretary general.