Suddenly Susan

Tasini may be fighting a losing cause, but he has at one high profile friend who is willing to go down in flames with him. Yesterday Susan Sarandon endorsed his bid to defeat Hillary. Well, sort of.

The actress didn’t actually say anything out loud, but “an aide confirmed she was backing Tasini.” Sarandon, it may be remembered, hasn’t held back in her criticism of her fellow feminist, saying — among other things — that Sen. Clinton had “crumbled under the pressure of the moment” when it came to voting for war in Iraq.

Even though Sarandon backtracked somewhat a week or so later after these comments when she joined Hillary at an event honoring Christopher and Dana Reeve, saying “we are all very lucky to have her here today as a leader in Congress,” apparently the bad feelings still linger.

For his part, Tasini says he is “honored” to have the indirect support of such a “passionate advocate for human rights, justice and civil liberties” who “has never wavered when the call has come for people to stand on the front lines in support of progressive principles that affect the lives of so many people in our country.”