Shock: Democrats Demagogue Hayden Hearing

Democrats wouldn’t play politics with our nation’s security, would they?

Fox News’ "Fox and Friends" reported this morning that Democrat senators seemed to be more concerned about playing to the cameras than examining U.S. intelligence during the nomination hearing for Gen. Michael Hayden to be director of Central Intelligence.

According to the show’s hosts, when the television cameras were on at the public portion of Hayden’s hearing, Democrats were thrilled to be there grilling Hayden, the man behind the NSA’s wiretapping plan. They played up their supposed outrage to try to convince the American people that they really care about intelligence, privacy and security.

But, reported Fox News, when the committee went into super-secret-squirrel session where classified intelligence could be discussed — meaning there would be no media there — only six or seven of the 15 senators on the committee even bothered to show up.

So, when the Intelligence Committee members get a chance to discuss the really important matters of U.S. intel, they don’t show up because there are no cameras.