Another Dem Against Hillary

And in what promises to be the last item regarding Jonathan Tasini, another one of Hillary’s opponents has dropped out and directed his supporters to support Tasini for U.S. Senate.

Steven Greenfield was running for the Democratic nomination, as Tasini is, but looks like Greenfield is a realist, like Tasini isn’t.  In withdrawing from the race, Greenfield thanked his supporters and complimented Tasini for doing “such a fine job of carrying a similar message and assembling a competent and growing campaign team and support network within the progressive elements of the Democratic Party.”

Greenfield noted that “with one month remaining until the initiation of the all-important petitioning drive to ensure that an anti-war voting option for Democrats will appear on the primary ballot, it is my judgment that the Tasini campaign offers the superior framework for making that ballot line a reality and for delivering votes on September 14th. I have met with Jonathan Tasini to inform him that I respect the sincerity and accomplishments of his campaign, that I will now withdraw from this contest, that I will recommend to my supporters that they turn their efforts towards supporting the important and difficult work that lies ahead for his campaign between now and September, and that I fully endorse him personally in those efforts. Those of you who are registered Democrats are eligible to carry and witness nominating petitions, and I strongly encourage you to do so.”