Billy's New Book Will 'Touch Hearts'

It is being reported that former President Clinton will be writing a new book over the next few months. According to the author, it will focus on public service and individual citizen activism, and hopefully it will "lift spirits" and "touch hearts."

It is supposed to be ready in late 2007 or early 2008, which is just in time for Hillary’s potential presidential campaign. Many presidential candidates suddenly become authors and release books timed to promote their efforts (i.e., Al Gore’s 1992 "Earth in the Balance," John McCain’s 1999 "Faith of Our Fathers," and even George W. Bush’s 1999 "A Fresh Start for America: Policy Addresses of George W. Bush").

Back in 2003 Mrs. Clinton released her memoirs, "Living History," but obviously it was not a precursor to her running for the White House. This time around, it seems all but certain that Sen. Clinton will run, and some sort of book would only help her efforts. Hillary is not scheduled to ghost-write her third book anytime soon, although that may change, but the next best thing is a book by her husband. It will re-energize Democrats and probably target young people with its tales of idealism and service, and no doubt it will contain a favorable mention or two of the missus.