Who's Up for Some Eugenics?

On the same day Hillary was endorsed for re-election by NARAL Pro-Choice New York, the senator promised to introduce a resolution exposing Republicans’ "anti-family planning agenda" with her colleague, Rep. Nita Lowey (D.-N.Y.).

"If you look at what’s happening, it’s deeply troubling, whether you care about these issues or not, because the current administration is denying science, substituting ideology for evidence, disregarding inconvenient facts," said Hill.  

Mrs. Clinton once again tied lack of birth control to increased abortions: "If you’re concerned about the increasing abortion rate, you have to be in favor of contraception and family planning."

Sen. Clinton, channeling the spirit of eugenics pioneer Margaret Sanger, repeatedly emphasized how it’s poor women who need free birth control so that they don’t reproduce. Apparently this contraceptive resolution calls "members of Congress who say they support family planning to actually vote for it."

One doubts there are actually any members of Congress who oppose birth control, but any GOP objections to what Hillary and her feminist colleagues want probably run along the lines of not wanting to use taxpayer dollars or mandating teaching young children how to use them. There seems to be a concentrated effort by the population control crowd recently to paint Republicans as being anti-contraceptive.

For example, last week The New York Times Magazine ran a huge article accusing pro-lifers of being against birth control. And during Tony Snow’s first official press conference, a reporter asked him – out of the blue — whether President Bush was personally opposed to family planning (Snow was too shocked to answer the question, although the President has just one set of twins). While Hillary and her cohorts might think that Republicans are anti-family planning because there are so many prominent Catholics working in the Bush administration, the truth is that the vast majority of Catholics, even Republican Catholics, don’t agree with the Church’s teachings on artificial contraception.