Which Country Is Strongest Supporter of the Free Market System?

According to a recent poll of 20 countries, the nation that most agrees that the free enterprise system is the best system on which to base the future of the world is: China, the largest of the Communist countries.

Seventy-four percent of the Chinese polled agreed with that statement. The U.S. came in third.

And which country do you think was most skeptical of free-market principles?

Why, France, with only 36% agreeing. That’s the country where young people rioted over a proposed law that would allow employers to actually fire workers less than 26 years old.

So, the Chinese are defending capitalism; and the French are defending, well, communism.

At least now you know why investment capital is flowing into China — and fleeing France.

(Note: The survey was sponsored by the international firm GlobeScan, which partnered with the Program on International Policy Attitudes of the University of Maryland, polling nearly 21,000 people in 20 nations.)

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