Republicans: Tell America We'll Fight Terror the Democrat Party Way

Every time the Democrats “expose” how the administration is fighting the war on terror, Republicans become defensive and hide for cover as if we are doing something wrong. Instead, let the President or the Speaker or Senate Majority Leader offer the following proposition: No more intercepting calls from Al Qaeda. No more detention of captured terrorist suspects. No more detention camps.

No more tough investigations of terrorists. We will simply be satisfied with only that information the terrorists voluntarily offer. No more FBI working with the CIA or NSA, just as prior to 9/11. No more searches, as it is “profiling.” No prosecution of government workers revealing to the world our secrets—in fact, we will award them as “patriotic” whistleblowers as claimed by liberals.

No more standing up for our “cowboy” soldiers on the battlefield who are defending themselves against the terrorists—agreed, we are only as good as how well we treat the enemy.

No pre-emption. We will wait until millions of Americans have been incinerated by a smuggled- in nuclear bomb from Iran, and only after we’ve been attacked will we respond. Millions of us might be dead, but our no-preemption policy will show we were more “moral.” No more phone data bases or telephone numbers of those possibly contacting sleeper cell operatives waiting here for orders. 

It is easy to portray oneself as a champion of “civil liberties” during time of war when one knows that while pontificating the “high road” his safety is still guaranteed since the adults in power will not listen to juvenile cliches and will continue doing the sensible things that must be done to protect Americans.

Let’s point at the Democrats, while the American people are listening, and say: OK, we’ll do it your way. Safety is secondary to whatever Human Rights Watch and the ACLU demand. We will win this war not through the historic methods that have proven efficacious but through the method advanced by the Left. Yes, the Left has assured us that by being ‘beyond criticism’ our enemies will respect us, recognize how sweet we are, and thus put down their arms.

Believe me, if the country thought we were basically dropping all the measures that have protected us since 9/11, they would shudder. They would pine for the restoration of those measures that have thus far protected us. All this high-sounding rhetoric of “civil liberties” would fall flat on its face once people truly believed that we were officially renouncing what has worked. America would tremble at its newly chosen nakedness. People would stop being such high minded “big shots.”

Instead of the usual platitudes, liberal mothers and fathers would have to start acting like parents again, guardians more concerned about the safety of their children than by how sensitive and enlightened we are toward terrorists.

Republican Leaders, look the Democrats in the face and charge: If you were in office and had the responsibility of protecting the country, your party would not follow Russ Feingold and Dick Durban and would be doing 99% of what the President is doing. And if Democrats answer that they would indeed lead according to their holier-than-thou rhetoric, then boldly tell them and the American electorate that such an administration would be derelict in its duty, that such an administration  would deserve being booted out of office since they would be leaving the American people defenseless. Charge them as guilty for not using all the technological and physical powers disposable to a Superpower, choosing instead to defend us as if a third world country bereft of any mechanism.

Many of us out here wonder if the Republicans in the Senate and many in the House actually believe—philosophically, emotionally, and juridically—in what we are doing in this fight for our safety. If they do, why do they constantly run from the fight, hide, and act as if all they want is for the issue to blow over? They practice “disassociation.” What they so often do is show “disbelief” and disappointment with what the administration is doing, hoping that they’ll be spared personal criticism from the Press until they, the Press and the Democrats make the administration capitulate.

Instead of hiding for cover, Republicans should come out now and challenge the Democrats, accuse the Democrats of gross folly and irresponsibility. You’ll see how quickly the Dems will hem and haw if for once a Republican pointed a finger at them and said: “You are either hypocrites or fools.”

Most Americans have not become so soft and ersatz “goody” that “how we look to the enemy and ‘the world’” is more important than living. We Republicans are waiting for our leaders to show some moxie, some guts. We’d love to see a patronizing smirk and ridicule when facing these high-sounding liberals, give them some well deserved scorn. For once, act like those who own the high ground, possess the moral authority. If you believe it is moral to protect your people, then, act and sound that way!

It is time Americans realized that many on the Left are against the war in Iraq not because of our dying soldiers. Their kids are generally not in today’s military, and those of ours’ that are dying come from families supportive of the war, families who, unlike those on the left, have no history of constant criticism of America where “dissent” is taught with mother’s milk. They are against the war because they do not want to see victory by the American military. They are against the war in line with how they’ve been critical of America during countless yesterdays and will continue to be critical for untold tomorrows. This is who they are and what they do.

In fact, they would be against even a negotiated outcome, bereft of military involvement, if the success of that outcome would be credited to Republicans and beneficial to the United States. For in the warped minds of many in today’s American Left, anything brought about by the United States or that which is beneficial to the U.S. internationally, is something to detest. Their constant cry about human rights is part of their effort to cause failure for this President or failure for any President who does not recognize America as “part of the problem”. For to the Left, the U.S. is always the major part of the problem. In fact, however, it is they who are the major problem to the U.S. and to our success.