Happy Working Mother's Day

On Sunday, Hillary celebrated Mother’s Day by forgetting the millions of moms who stay at home to raise their families. In a Mother’s Day Message to her supporters, she said we could honor mothers "not just with one day’s celebrations, but with year-round sensible policies," i.e., more federal support policies that help working mothers, such as for daycare and after-school programs.

You could almost see the tears in Hillary’s eyes as she wrote that "I’m so proud that the first bill my husband signed when he became President was the Family and Medical Leave Act, which had actually been vetoed twice by the previous president (nice dig at W’s father)."

Mrs. Clinton was joined at a press conference for an extension of the FMLA by Carol Evans, CEO and Founder Working Mother Media and Author of "This Is How We Do It: The Working Mothers’ Manifesto."

Ironically, even before he signed the FMLA into law, her husband repealed several pro-life measures by executive order, including lifting the so-called "gag rule," eliminating restrictions on federally sponsored research on medical use of fetal tissue, ending the "Mexico City Policy," allowing abortions to be performed at overseas U.S. military hospitals, and encouraging the use of RU-486, which undoubtedly prevented a few million Mother’s Days.

Hillary also noted to her fans that "In a few weeks I’ll be launching our new site, Moms for Hillary, which will be a resource on issues that affect women and families and help keep this conversation going."

Odds are likely that this new Web site will not spend much time promoting issues that might help mothers who stay at home (there are nearly six million of them, after all), such as homeschooling (a double whammy for Hillary since this is a subject mocked by mothers who work outside the home and public school teachers), income-splitting, or just plain old traditional values. Maybe Sen. Clinton could write a bill giving tax credits for money spent on cookie ingredients and tea sets.