National Poll

In other poll-related news (this one presidential), the latest Diageo/Hotline poll shows Hillary’s strength against her Democratic rivals.

Hotline says her numbers among potential Democratic primary voters are so strong that "to call her an 800-pound gorilla is unfair to such small gorillas," a remark that might make Bill chuckle.

In this poll, Hillary has a 78-percent favorability rating among Democrats, including a "strongly favorable" rating of 40 percent. She did get 13 percent who rate her unfavorably, which seems kind of high for her own party.

This poll also tested Mrs. Clinton against John Kerry, Al Gore, John Edwards and Mark Warner, and she crushed them all. Her smallest margin was 19 points against Edwards, and her largest was versus the still-relatively unknown Warner (61 percent to 15 percent).

Even old warhorses like Kerry and Gore don’t stand a chance against the Hillary juggernaut. The two former Democratic presidential standard-bearers were each thrashed in a potential match-up with Mrs. Clinton, with Kerry losing 57 percent to 30 percent and Gore getting just 29 percent.