If It Quacks Like a Duck...

At yesterday’s "May Day" immigration protests, many people held up placards like "We’re not criminals!" and other proclamations of their law-abiding status. Nevermind the laws some may have broken to get here. Tom Kilgannon of Freedom Alliance notes that these protesters’ behavior isn’t so noble, "Politicians in Washington would have us believe that these folks are cuddly and lovable refugees who just want a fair shake at the American Dream. But their so-called ‘May Day’ actions show that they are little more than irresponsible opportunists and professional agitators who encourage children to play hooky; turn their backs on their employers; inflict damage on the economy; place added strain on law enforcement officers; cause problems for commuters; and hijack our National Anthem."
During one protest in North Carolina, one speaker shouted, "Do what you have to, to stay here. Break the rules! By nature, we are rule-breakers who thumb our noses at authority." Encouraging people to engage in irresponsible behavior isn’t the best way to gain support for a cause. Civil disobedience may be an American value, but shirking responsibility is not.