Campus Protest Prompts Student Arrests

Six students are under arrest after a protest at the University of Minnesota gets out of hand.

The Minnesota Daily reports that protesters gathered at an army recruiting office in opposition of recruiters at public schools and that members of the crowd "splashed a bucket of red paint on the office."

The Daily goes on to report, "The paint represented bloodshed in Iraq, said protest organizer Ty Moore."

Six students were arrested in all. University Police Chief Greg Hestness declined to comment on the arrests.

But, according to the Daily, Moore doesn’t think throwing paint is grounds for arrest.

"The crime of pouring symbolic wet paint pales in comparison to the crime of the massive bloodshed going on in Iraq right now," Moore said.

While I’m not sure if his "protest" was a success, I will say that Moore has successfully shown his ignorance and stupidity. Here’s a young man who apparently thinks destroying property should go without punishment and who believes the bloodshed in Iraq is at the hands of Americans.

In a way, I feel sorry for people like Moore. He’s obviously a victim of liberal indoctrination and a product of an educational system gone awry.  


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