Graduation Turns into Presidential Protest

Graduation day can’t come fast enough for some left-wingers at Oklahoma State University.

A “broad coalition” of students and graduating seniors plan to protest President George W. Bush’s commencement speech on May 6, according to the PRWeb.

Amanda Wilkerson, a political science grad student, says, "This administration has consistently lied to the people they are supposed to be representing and protecting. We are doing this on behalf of all Americans, because they deserve an honest, accountable government."

Hello! President Bill Clinton…Monica Lewinsky…impeachment

The article goes on to report that Pat Piety, a local peace activist who participates in an ongoing “peace vigil” at the county courthouse, will be among those protesting President Bush.

"We’re a group of individuals concerned with world peace. History has shown us that war is not the answer," said Piety.

Yep…that’s right. Other than bringing an end to socialism, Communism, Nazism, Fascism and oppression in various parts of the world – meanwhile bringing freedom and liberty to millions – war hasn’t really solved anything.

Organizers say, "This is not an effort to disrupt or disturb the commencement or graduation. This is one of few opportunities to express our concerns directly to the President in a peaceful fashion without causing a major disruption in the graduates’ events," according to the PRWeb.