The New McCarthyism: Mary McCarthy, That Is

Mary McCarthy proves that Sen. Joe McCarthy was right all along. Mary McCarthy, an insider at the C.I.A. who reportedly leaked war secrets to the press, is proving that 50 years after communist infiltration at the State Department, there exists, still, in high places of government leftist ideologues whose allegiance is not to the United States as a sovereign nation with its own interests but to a utopian ideology. Evidently, she is not alone. Back in the 50s, the utopian ideology was communism (now passé) whereas today’s incarnation is transnationalism.

Today’s transnationalism is simply communism but with an appetite for money, social success, and the good life. Both communism and transnationalism share a belief that nationalism is the primary obstacle to world wide utopian harmony. Both believe that a select few, the “elite,” possess the understanding to decide for people what is always in their best interests. Both view the United States as the greatest obstacle to borderless cultural uniformity, since it’s the American people, more than any other in the West, who still cling to notions like patriotism and a unique national ethos, founded by men and principles unparalleled — all of which militate against dissolution to a grander universal scheme. Thus, both result in a form of anti-Americanism.

What makes these smug schemers guilty is not their difference of opinion with the administration, nor their willingness to express it. Like the Rosenbergs of the 50s, the Mary McCarthys and Joe Wilsons of the world are willing to endanger their countrymen and our soldiers by divulging secret information that directly weakens the U.S and strengthens our enemies. This verifies that their allegiance is not to the people of the United States or its government but to that which in their mind supersedes country. We call that treason. It appears they are traitors.

No wonder they are more concerned about terrorists undergoing slight discomforts at Gitmo than they are about actual Americans beheaded by Islamofacists in Iraq. When did they last call the world to order to highlight the “human rights” violation of Americans beheaded? As transnationalists, they feel, it seems, no greater kinship to Americans than to jihadists. In fact, based on what we’ve seen thus far, probably less. As internationalists, they are more exorcised by the infringement of terrorist “rights” to make calls to sleeper cells here in the U.S. than our right as Americans to have our families protected from the plans being hatched in these very calls.

Nothing pleases more the home-grown internationalist set residing here in the U.S than to “out” the “barbarism” and “hard headedness” of America to the “sophisticates” of Europe and Arabia they adore: “See, I’m not one of them, those Texans. I’m one of you.”

Their defenders on the Left claim they are simply “whistleblowers” and spurred by, of course, “human rights”. But I expect nothing more from people who never understood the beauty of nationalism — indeed loathe it — and always choose an “ideal” or “social theory” over something tangible like country and countrymen. Patriotism and loyalty to countrymen and its soldiers is a sentiment as utterly foreign to them as is to me the idea that God rewards killers of babies with 72 virgins.

Besides, every traitor believes in the majesty and superiority of his cause. Benedict Arnold may have believed in the superiority of the British Empire and its royalty. Many spies believed in the “noble” cause of those arrayed against their own country. I can’t answer for heaven, but here on earth those that divulge proprietary, entrusted information that puts at risk their country’s ability to win a war in which it is currently engaged are called traitors.

Notwithstanding the election of political conservatives, we live in a liberal zeitgeist. Liberal notions of heroism prevail. Thus, people like Mary McCarthy and Joe Wilson will not be viewed as the betrayers they are but as people “moved by conscience”. That makes it all the more difficult for the Bush administration to dismiss these people, as it should, once and for all. The truth is, however, they are motivated by a conscience which feels more affinity with the world than its own country, more identity with an ideology which in its nature and goal imperils our country. Not every conscience is a good conscience.

During the McCarthy period of the 50s, it was easier to apprehend the perfidy of the pro-communists because they actively supported a country, Russia, with who we were in a cold war and fought through proxies. Even then, the anti-communists like Sen. Joe McCarthy were berated as inquisitors. The transnationalists of today have the luxury of evading the treason spotlight for, though their efforts and perfidies embolden and enable the enemy and put our country at greater risk, they do not actively support the regimes we are fighting. But the result is the same.

Worse, the communists of the 50s were social and cultural outcasts whereas today transnationalism is the hallmark of the American university and its water carriers in the media and Hollywood. Even the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House are infected by it, so much so, that for some it could be renamed the Transnational House and Senate. Not only is transnationalism respected, it has become for most liberal representatives the preferred outlook on life itself. It makes them feel good about themselves. They will therefore not relinquish it.

One need only listen to the interviews of countless liberals hailing Mary McCarthy and her predecessor Joe Wilson as heroes of conscience. Their only criticism seems to be that they may have violated their job agreement, their work rules…. Just like any stiff working for the MTA in, say, Denver.

The truth of the matter is that this penchant for worldwide utopianism began back in the 30s here in New York among the pampered “intellectual set”. They espoused communism — and America was the obstacle to it and thus the enemy. It became dangerous, however, in the 50s when communist sympathizers began holding positions over at the State Dept. But State has always been the peculiar Dept. What is today so alarming is that transnationalism, communism’s modern morph, now has moles inside that most inviolable institution, the C.I.A. itself.

The allure of today’s transnationalism is a little different than yesteryear communism. Some of the pitiful bedraggled American communists meeting in danky rooms on the Lower East Side were at least motivated by idealism. In contrast, today’s transnationalists are induced by elitism, a classism, a belief in their inherent superiority. They travel among the wealthiest, are themselves often wealthy and are already powerful. They wish to control. They are egotists, part of a global fraternity.

People such as the Clintons, Kerrys, Boxers, George Soros, Ted Turner, Carter, Chirac, Peres, Schroder and members of the Hague travel in a powerful circle that reserves to itself a royal-like mandate to steer the world along universalist highways above the lowly byways of nationalism, especially Americanism. This accounts for the endless apologies to the world from Clinton, Gore, Kerry, Carter and Turner for “the sins of America”. Their poster reads: “Americans uncomfortable with true American sovereignty and power.”

This clique — and mind set — is the world’s most effective NGO, with subscribers in every capital and university. It is the Tower of Babel revisited.

They are the political world’s “beautiful people”, and countless other people in positions of power and decision who see themselves as political “masters of the universe” are drawn to the glamorous transnationalism life and philosophy which they see as their rightful place and birthright.

Yes, there are in this country people who wish to bring it down. Ironically, many are those who have prospered and gained fame and ease precisely because of America.

They love America only when America acts the way they want. That’s not love! They’ll be loyal, so long as they agree with the policy. That’s not fidelity! They’ll respect its laws, as long as they don’t conflict with their fealty to the higher law of transnationalism. That’s not patriotism! They will not keep classified secrets if such secrets reinforce the notion of absolute American sovereignty. They want an America far less sovereign. In my book, that’s treasonous.