Immigration Debate Is Symptomatic of Society Unable to Say 'No'

What makes citizens of a country submit to the demands of people who are not even citizens? What is it that makes people here for decades and centuries cower in front of those here illegally, arriving only yesterday? What is it that makes people unwilling to lay claim to their own land and country?

It is guilt. It is fear. It is a brainwashing that has convinced so many that every member of the world is entitled to U.S. constitutional and welfare “rights.” It is a society that no longer believes in itself as a specific culture or even a sovereign country. Worse, it is a society so emotionally weak that it will accept disease, terrorism, crime, bankruptcy and the disintegration of its own chosen laws rather than being called racist, even though such charges are false.

Forty years of sick liberalism has created a public so unsure of its own legitimacy yet so sure of every other culture’s and nation’s goodness that it cannot say “no” to anyone perceived outside the mainstream. Being an outsider proffers today a nobility and entitlement to “rights” that is beyond the scope and hope of those viewed as merely regular Americans.

In fact, in today’s America, the more hostile one is to the country and the more brazen against its historic mores, the more protection and concern comes one’s way. Why? Because what greater way to demonstrate one’s “tolerance,” “sensitivity” and “understanding” than when given precisely to those who are your greatest threat. Showing goodness to your own is labeled “tribalism” while being tolerant of those that differ and even despise is the most shining example of “tolerance.”

In today’s America, tolerance is God, and the faithful will sacrifice all — even their security — to their secular God. Never in history has there been such a need for people to feel good about themselves as is happening in the West. Never have a people become so insecure that they feel unworthy absent the approval of those who deride their ways. Thus, can the foreigner in the land rise with impudence against his benefactors, demanding from them and daring them to say “no.”

Whereas common sense dictates that the way to find a criminal is by investigating the men who match the description of those seen at the crime scene, emotionally enfeebled America searches in airports for benign grey haired old ladies with blue eyes and dainty cheek bones rather than young Muslim/Arab men with angry facial muscles, simply because to do the rational may invite the accusation of profiling and thus “racism,” albeit every terrorist has thus far been an Islamic jihadist, not to mention how it is radical Islam that encourages terrorism not Lenox, Mass. Unitarianism.

NBC’s Dateline looks for racism not by Muslims against Christians but in NASCAR Christians against Muslims, even though North Carolina Protestantism does not speak of others as infidels as does today’s Islam, constantly. NBC represents the corrosive elitist notion that those foreign are harmlessly noble while mainstream Christian America is congenitally racist and must, therefore, every day prove itself non-racist and tolerant.

This already forty year brainwashing job on Americans by academia and the media has created an American public so tentative about itself and so submissive that it rarely sticks up for its own rights and needs when in conflict with a “minority” out of fear of being labeled a racist and, worse, feeling that it is indeed racist.

To be sure, many spearheading the flouting of our laws regarding immigration are the Barney liberals who never believed in an indigenous American culture or a truly sovereign America. They, in fact, subscribe to a borderless America. They are universalists and transnationalists who view America as nothing special and have no understanding of how and why this country achieved its greatness. Others are simply grownup children, bereft of any knowledge of history and reality.

Many are old fashioned communists who take up any cause they see as disruptive to America, its institutions and its establishment. Masquerading as human rights activists, they are fascists craving an America socially engineered under their hegemony. Unfortunately, while most Americans do not see themselves on the left, they have been snookered by the high-sounding terms of multiculturalism and unearned “rights for all” used by the left to disenfranchise regular, good willed Americans. We have become, unwittingly, complicit in our own demise.

Though I bear no ill will to the illegals and know many of them, I’m disturbed by how this issue has revealed an American weakness that if not reversed imperils our longevity as a specific and distinct culture. I speak not of race but values; not of place of origin but a common American ethos and love and pride in Americanism.

I fear what will happen to an America ruled not by its republican laws but emotion, not by what is right and legal but by who screams the loudest — mob rule, the jungle.

A people no longer able to assert its right to say “no” out of fear and guilt as to what others will say or charge is a nation that is allowing its mores and habits, its heritage and distinctiveness, to be determined by those accusing the loudest. Not only will America loose the immigration issue but the war on terror itself.

Watching America fold to La Rasa and other race mongers, how afraid of America can the jihadist enemy be, knowing that Americans will not protect themselves if by so doing they are accused of “Islamophobia,” the latest concocted form of “racism”. To think, a great and powerful nation brought to its knees not by a power stronger militarily but simply because it was afraid of being called a name, simply because it craved its enemy’s validation over its own security.