FEC Rebukes HRC

The New York Daily News reports that the Federal Election Committee has chastised Friends of Hillary (Sen. Clinton’s re-election campaign committee) for accepting too much money from 39 donors who contributed too much in the past quarter.  These scofflaws are most guilty of giving more that the maximum amount allowed for Hillary’s primary or general election, which is a $2,100 limit for each, or a combined $4,200.

In a letter to FOH, the FEC wrote that "[t]he acceptance of excessive contributions is a serious problem," that "[t]he committee’s procedures should be examined and corrected in order to avoid this problem," and recommended that Hillary’s campaign either divide the money between the primary and the general elections, or return the cash. Sen. Clinton’s campaign have brushed off the FEC’s complaints, with spokeswoman Ann Lewis saying that "[t]hese are clerical cleanups, and we already told the FEC about them…Bottom line, we work very hard to make sure we meet every requirement."