McKinney Draws Potential Challenger

Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D.-Ga.) has already lost her House seat once, so who’s to say it couldn’t happen again.

Georgia blogger Will Hinton, who writes a blog called Dignan’s 75 Year Plan, suggested he might challenge the Capitol-Police-assaulting Democrat. According to the Pearcey Report, Hinton has four planks on his potential platform:

  1. McKinney Doesn’t Care Factor: “Imagine having a representative in Congress who cares nothing about their constituents.”
  2. McKinney Mockery Factor: “Imagine your representative constantly being a target of mockery because of lunatic statements that would make great headlines at The Onion.”
  3. McKinney Race Factor: “Imagine having a virulent racist as your representative.”
  4. McKinney Self-Centeredness Factor: “Imagine having a representative who cared only about themselves.”

After his first post less than 24 hours ago, Hinton was inundated with 12,000 visitors yesterday. He responded to his newfound fans with a note this evening:

In my previous post, I said that I am throwing down the gauntlet to Cynthia. Well, now I am going to throw down the gauntlet to all of my readers and supporters. It is time to put your money where your mouth is.

If you are serious about supporting my candidacy to replace Cynthia McKinney as the U.S. Representative of the 4th District of Georgia, then I ask you to send me an email stating your financial commitment. If I receive at least 500 emails with commitments of at least $100 each, then I will file.

You heard him, people. E-mail the man at