College Border Protest a Bust

Student protesters at Arizona State University forget to show-up to their own immigration rally.

The school’s Latino group "Nosotros y T??º" (We and You) planned a lunchtime protest on Friday in opposition to the immigration bill before Congress, but according to the East Valley Tribune no one came to voice their dissent.

"No signs waving, no flags flying, no shouting. The only detail missing from the deserted scene was a tumbleweed somersaulting across the sidewalk," writes the Tribune.

Despite a vacant stage that was set-up for the planned event (500 people were anticipated), some students didn’t even know there was supposed to be a protest, according to the article.  

"Reached Friday afternoon by phone, the Hispanic group’s president, Marcelino Quinones, said he plans to reschedule the event. ‘There was just a lack of communication,’ he said. ‘It just wasn’t the right date,’" reports the East Valley Tribune.