However You Package It, Illegal Is Illegal

Illegal immigration is a huge problem in the United States, and it is one that roughly 75% of the American electorate would like to see fixed through strict enforcement. The politicians in Washington, however, prefer a more "comprehensive" approach, one that includes a path to legal status for those that enter or have entered illegally. This is wildly out of touch with the American people, as Washington politicians have a tendency to be.

There is another problem that I think that we can take the more "comprehensive" approach on that would be equally unpopular with the American people. Drugs are also a huge problem in the United States, and this problem is facilitated primarily through drug dealers. If there were no drug dealers, there would be no drug problem. Why not take a more "comprehensive" approach to the problem of drug dealers, then?

The pro-illegal immigrant crowd tells us that we need to be humane in our handling of illegal immigrants. These are people that violate American law only because they are looking to make better lives for themselves and their families. They tell us that these are people living in poverty with no way out. They come here to live the American dream, and they violate our laws to do so.

We’re also told that these immigrants are simply doing the jobs that Americans won’t do. If there were no jobs of this type, there would be no motivation to enter the country illegally. Basically, if there was no market for illegal immigrants, there would be no illegal immigrants. We have to try to empathize with those that are simply trying to make a living for themselves and their families. We need to be understanding and humane when dealing with a population at finds itself in a situation where it must break our laws to better their own situations.

Well, then what about the poor young man who grows up in the inner city? All that he knows is the drug culture. He has no marketable skills as a result of an education system that has failed him. He spends every day immersed in a culture of drugs and violence, to the point that that is the only life that he knows. He finds himself with a family to support and no way to support it. The only alternative for him is to resort to breaking our laws. He must deal drugs just to get by.

Shouldn’t we take a "humane" and "comprehensive" approach to dealing with this type of criminal, as well? After all, he is only breaking our laws because he feels that he must do so in order to make a living. He wouldn’t be able to sell drugs if there wasn’t such a huge market for his poison in the United States. Individuals that turn to dealing drugs are many times just as desperate as those that brave unbelievable conditions to enter this country illegally. In fact, I would argue that a drug dealer braves even more real and serious dangers than immigrants who can’t seem to take the basic steps to enter this country legally.

All of this to illustrate the absurdity of a "comprehensive" approach to illegal immigrants, and the more radical of the illegal immigrant advocates who are proponents of an "open borders" policy. We don’t take a comprehensive, humane approach with drug dealers because they are breaking our laws and causing great damage to this country by poisoning our children. Similarly, illegal immigrants violate our laws and poison our system of economics by taking jobs from American workers, keeping wages artificially low, and sucking millions of dollars of taxpayer money out of our welfare and medical systems.

Obviously, my example is meant to be an extreme one. There are those that will take offense at my analogy and argue that you just can’t compare illegal immigrants to drug dealers. I understand that it’s not politically correct to do so, but Americans, including myself, have had enough of those that advocate on behalf of a population that disrespects this country and everything that we stand for by flagrantly violating our laws. It is time that our politicians begin to understand what most Americans do, that illegal immigrants are no different than any other criminal, and they should be dealt with appropriately.