Dem Gets Tough on Security, Slugs Police Officer

Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D.-Ga.) is tough on security. So tough, in fact, that hours before taking stage with fellow Democrats to unveil their new security plan, she slugged a cop.

A reporter from CNN, appropriately named Dana Bash, told Wolf  Bitzer that she struck a Capitol police officer who didn’t recognize her and asked to see identification to enter her office building. She ignored the officer’s request and he called after her, asking again for her identification before he tapped her, according to another officer. In return she used her cell phone to strike the officer in chest.

The officer will not press charges.

The Hill published a run-down of some of McKinney’s other "incidents." Here they are as The Hill recounts them below:

• In 1993, after she complained about being stopped by security guards, Capitol Police posted a photo of her on an office wall so that officers could remember who she was.

• In 1995, McKinney reportedly contacted the sergeant at arms after a white Capitol Police officer asked her to consent to a security check.

• In 1996 and 1998, she complained that White House security officials failed to recognize her and did not give her the same treatment as other members of Congress, at one time mistaking her 23-year-old white aide for the congresswoman.

“I am absolutely sick and tired of having to have my appearance at the White House validated by white people,” she said at the time.