Update: Afghan Christian Vanishes After Release

The Afghan man who converted from Islam to Christianity at the risk of his life has reportedly "vanished" shortly following his release from a high-security prison Monday evening.

Forty-one-year-old Abdul Rahman was freed after prosecutors declared him "mentally unfit to stand trial," reports the Associated Press — an excuse Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice shot down last week. It seems the Afghan government was afraid to prosecute under international calls for Rahman’s life to be spared and took the "easy" way out.

Suspicion has arisen as to his safety because Rahman’s family was present at the time of his release and, as Michelle Malkin points out, his family was responsible for turning him over to authorities in the first place. Even then, unless Rahman makes his way to countries not governed by Islamic law, he will most likely face a constant battle for his life. Under the law anyone who "desserts" Islam is to be put to death –whether they are family or not.

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