Rescued 'Christian Peace Activists' Aren't Acting Religious

The so-called Christian peace activists kidnapped by jihadists in Iraq and rescued by American and British forces have thus far offered no thanks to the American and Brit soldiers who rescued them, nor gratitude to President Bush who authorized their rescue. Their reaction and ingratitude show they are not acting as religious people should, not withstanding their self-identification as "Christian" activists.

I know something about religion. The first principle of religion is to show gratitude to those who have provided a blessing, to those who have helped you. Acknowledging the good done to you by man and God is the cornerstone of moral behavior.

A religious person is trained to possess enough honesty to be open to that and those who act mercifully to him. Those blind to grace are one dimensional fanatics loyal to an ideology that is something other than God’s law. Religion has in it dozens of maxims and precepts that demand from its adherents the clarity to choose and perceive correctly, even if contrary to a particular passion. Even if that passion is "peace."

When a group of individuals display ingratitude to those who have shown them mercy and sacrifice because to do so might weaken their political objective, then we are dealing with people who are single-mindedly devoted to a cause that for them transcends decency and morality, and even normalcy.

What is the ideology that is overpowering these people? It is anti-Americanism, anti-westernism and, in this case, the inexplicable, rabid anti-Bushism.

Prior to certain people attaching themselves to religion, many already possessed a political belief that "those with greater military power must necessarily be evil while those with less military capability, the ‘weaker,’ must somehow be noble even though using terror and killing innocent women and children." America, the West, and Israel are to them a priori guilty, no matter the circumstances.

All other biblical precepts and outlooks are eliminated for the myopic fanatic if they stand in the way of their primary theories and goal: in this case socialism and transnationalism. The Bible, indeed religion, is selectively used only when it advances their more important theory. Thus, they are political ideologues, not bonafide religious practitioners.

One of the rescued spokesmen self-servingly declared that his "Christianity" demanded that he "love his enemy," and praise for the jihadists gushed forth therefore from his mouth. Curiously, there was nothing in this Christian’s heart for that spokesmen’s chosen enemy: George Bush. If this activist were truly consistent, he would have praised Bush, not Al Qaeda operatives since, to him, Bush is the enemy and the terrorists his true comrades.

I simply cannot understand a belief that promotes kinship and support for your enemy and ingratitude to those who’ve shown you mercy. For if so, the lesson learned is that the reward for bad is good and the reward for good is bad, i.e., the wages of sin are thanks while the wage of virtue is indifference, scorn.

Funny how these peace activists, always there to condemn America’s battles, usually evince "understanding" and acceptance for those battling in behalf of leftist causes or using violence in pursuits anti-American or when against Israel. While feigning discomfort, the other side’s use of arms is almost always justified as a "response to and consequence of American, western or Israeli misdeeds and policies."

These activists care not about peace or religion. They are socialists first whose attachment to socialism and anti-Americanism pre-dates their entry into religion and their exploitation of it. They are animated by a bias. Maybe their publicists will remind them that for PR sake they overcome their disposition and offer some thanks to the "misguided" soldiers.

For some reason, in liberal "religious" circles it is considered a sign of righteousness when you one-dimensionally deride your own country and see in your country’s foes only virtue. Oh! How superior and noble it must feel. Watch out, though, for if allowed to metastasize, this philosophy will doom us all. It is a sign of decay, a sure sign that a society no longer believes in itself.