Blood and Gore

Today’s Wall Street Journal features an antibusiness, anti-capitalism rant by former Vice President Al Gore and David Blood.  Both are cofounders of Generation Investment Management, an "eco-predatory accounting" firm.  Gore and his partner in crime call for companies to manage their "economic, social, environmental and ethical performance" because threats of "climate change, HIV/AIDS, water scarcity and poverty have reached a point where civil society is demanding a response from business and government."

Steve Milloy of the Free Enterprise Action Fund and wrote, "Al Gore’s op-ed in today’s Wall Street Journal calls for businesses to be saddled with so-called ‘environmental liabilities’ — essentially arbitrary costs and penalties imposed on businesses by junk science-fueled environmentalists.  Al Gore is the public face of the new paradigm threatening business today — I call it ‘eco-predatory accounting’ — the purpose of which is putting businesses under control of radical Greens.”

Blood and Gore end their op-ed with this doomsday command, "More mechanisms to incorporate environmental and social externalities will be needed to enable capital markets to achieve their intended purpose — to consistently allocate capital to its highest and best use for the good of the people and the planet."

Good of the people?  Where have we heard that phrase before?  TakeYourPick.


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