Cornyn Rejects Immigration Compromise

Sen. John Cornyn (R.-Tex.), a member of the Judiciary Committee and chairman of the Immigration and Border Security Subcommittee, just announced he would vote against the proposed amnesty “compromise” offered at today’s committee meeting on immigration reform.

“Though I was not a party to this proposed compromise, I appreciate the Chairman’s efforts to try to reach a consensus on this difficult issue. And I’m encouraged to see substantial progress toward a requirement that those here illegally should have to return home and enter through the legal process. That is a sound approach.

“But I cannot vote to support this compromise, or any compromise, until I’ve had time to adequately study the proposed text, and until I’m satisfied that the compromise does not offer amnesty to those who have broken our immigration laws at the expense of those who are following our laws.  In this area, it is important to know what the text says and what it does not say so that we know definitively how the chairman proposes we treat those who have broken the law. 

“I remain committed to a comprehensive solution to our immigration situation, one that includes additional border security, interior enforcement, and employer accountability. And while we must address the12 million illegal aliens already here, we have to do so without granting them amnesty.”


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