3,200 People Want You Fired, David Gregory

How pathetic is NBC News’ David Gregory? First, he shows off at the White House press room by attacking Scott McClellan, then two weeks later he turns up drunk on Don Imus’ radio program.

Today he issued a fatwa on 18-year-old high school student Ian Schwartz, founder of Expose the Left and mastermind behind How vain is Gregory? He’s probably one of the 3,200 people who have signed the online petition seeking his own ouster.

The Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz writes about the website today. His article features a quote from Gregory’s lamenting the existence of such of site. (Maybe if Gregory hadn’t made himself more important than the stories he was covering, then Ian wouldn’t have created the site.)

From Kurtz’s piece:

“I didn’t take it very seriously,” Gregory says of the site, but he sees it as a sign of a broader phenomenon:

“What concerns me is that it’s increasingly true that people are viewing the news and political coverage through their own ideological lens. It’s wrong to mistake aggressive reporting for political bias. It’s a mistake to ascribe motives to people who cover the White House day in and day out. People watch me in a briefing and draw a conclusion based on that. They won’t even wait to see what I report.”

Ian has his own take on the Kurtz article—including Kurtz’s calling Ian a college student when he’s still in high school (although I’m sure Ian likes the promotion, if you can call it that).