George Washington Beaver's Lasting Legacy

Each spring in Washington, the city is overrun by tourists (including some from the exurbs who never make it into the city otherwise) for the world-famous National Cherry Blossom Festival. The cherry trees along the Tidal Basin are already starting to turn, providing a beautiful scene around the Jefferson Memorial. Peak is supposed to be Sunday through Tuesday.

Why am I telling you about this? Because my friend Danny Glover, aka Mister Critter, has just re-launched a website for his children’s book, “George Washington Beaver and the Cherry Tree,” which he wrote after a trio of beavers toppled some cherry trees near the Tidal Basin.

On his blog, Glover writes:

The book combines the factual with the fictional and the historical with the mythical to convey an important message about truth-telling. It’s also designed to encourage children to learn some of the great stories from American history.

The book and a companion coloring book cost $9.99 and are available via the website.

So what does this Mister Critter do by day? He’s managing editor of National Journal’s Technology Daily and the editor of Beltway Blogroll, which monitors the impact of blogs in Washington, and has recently featured postings from Human Events Online’s Right Angle.