Skip the Gip?

The New York Post reports today that K.T. McFarland  may have neglected to vote for President Reagan’s 1984 re-election. McFarland served as a high-level official in the Reagan Pentagon from 1982 to 1985.  

Last week the Post revealed that McFarland repeatedly missed various state elections, but this latest revelation is taking voter apathy to another level. Sure, it was apparent during the last few weeks of the 1984 campaign that President Reagan was going to easily beat Walter Mondale, and granted, she was busy planning for her January wedding and she had just left the Pentagon anyway, but that’s still no reason to stay at home on Election Day and not vote for the man who hired you in the first place.

She also claims to have drafted the president’s famous "Star Wars" missile defense proposal, which makes her missing the vote even more egregious, because Democrats hammered the Gipper on this issue repeatedly during the campaign, and one might think she would have wanted to personally defend her baby in the voting booth.

According to the Post, McFarland initially insisted through a spokesman that she had voted to re-elect President Reagan.

Spokesman William O’Reilly claimed that "She’s certain she voted.  She’s certain of that," but when he was presented with The Post’s latest findings, he promised to obtain additional information, which, as of Monday morning, wasn’t forthcoming.

One hopes that the socially liberal K.T. didn’t vote in 1984 because she found President Reagan to be just too conservative.