Michigan Students to Help FBI, Protest War

College Democrats at the University of Michigan are helping to organize an anti-war rally where protesters will use an unusual tactic.

The Ann Arbor News reports that a local peace group, Michigan Peaceworks, will take "mug shots of willing attendees" during an anti-war protest this Sunday.

According to the story, "The pictures, along with placards labeled ‘war protester,’ will be delivered to U.S. Department of Homeland Security officials at the Ann Arbor Federal Building at a later date as part of the group’s ‘turn yourself into the National Security Agency’ initiative."

This comes on the heels of documents recently released by the American Civil Liberties Union saying the FBI investigated anti-war activities in Pittsburgh, according to the Ann Arbor News.

Phillis Engelbert, director of Peaceworks, tells the paper, "We want to save them the effort, and show them who we are.”

The U-M College Democrats and Veterans for Peace are also sponsoring the anti-war rally.

According to the article, Ann Arbor is just one of hundreds of cities nationwide where anti-war protests are scheduled for this weekend to commemorate the third anniversary of the war in Iraq. Organizers expect hundreds of students from southeast Michigan to attend the rally along with others who oppose the war.