Free Speech Will Have to Wait

Mike Krempasky at reports the House Rules Committee today pulled the Online Freedom of Speech Act (H.R. 1606) and will take up the matter after the House recess.

The Rules Committee was in a closed session until about 6:15pm. Constrained by a Democratic fundraising dinner and unable to come to a compromise on a rule for 1606 – it’s been pulled until after the recess.

Keep in mind, friends – the root of the problem is this: Wertheimer, McCain, Shays, etc – the entire band of folks that hate your ability to speak – are threatening to "take down" (or try) any rule that does not let them offer their substitute (4900) on the floor.

On. The. Floor.

That would be the same group of people that howled bloody murder when HR1606 – AFTER having gone through Committee, was brought to the floor under suspension. But when it’s their bill – apparently bypassing the committee structure altogether is just fine.

Disappointing news, but that’s how things work in Washington. Meanwhile, props to Krempasky, who is going gangbusters on this issue.


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