'Blogger Bill' May Not Get to Floor for Vote

At Tuesday’s Pen-and-Pad with House Majority Leader John Boehner (R.-Ohio), the Online Freedom of Speech Act (a.k.a "The Bloggers’s Bill") was brought up. It’s hard to tell whether Boehner cares to see the bill make it to the floor this Thursday or not:

Q: You had on the schedule the Online Freedom of Speech Act.

Boehner: It is still on the schedule. Our concern is that given the supplemental being on the floor, we may not get to it. But we may get to it.

Q: So there is no concern. I mean it didn’t pass under suspension the last time and now it is going to be subject to amendments. There is no concern on your part it might not make it with amendments?

Boehner: No, no.

Q: Would you allow a rule that allows amendments?

Boehner: I am not sure what the discussion about the rule looks like yet. I have not been part of any discussion over the rule.

Cross your fingers, bloggers. We’ve got to get this thing through. As Mike Krempasky of said today in an e-mail: "If the House passes this tomorrow it’s a tremendous win for speech."

Krempasky has provided a list of Republican representatives who waivered on their support for the bill in December, allowing it to fail the first time through. There was a majority in favor of the bill, but under special rules a 2/3 vote is needed. Today’s the day to make a call or write an e-mail voicing your concern about this important vote. Tomorrow will be too late.