Penn State's Feminists Roar

Students at Penn State prepare to celebrate National Women’s History Month. Unfortunately, this year’s celebration looks more like a feminists’ rally than a time for reflection.

The Digital Collegian reports that the school’s "first ever ‘Feminist Fair’" will be held on campus this year. The event is, of course, organized by The Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance, College Democrats, Eco-Action and a few other groups.
Meghan Ochs, president of The Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance, tells the Collegian the fair will highlight issues like equal pay for equal work, eating disorders, reproductive rights and working women’s issues.

Meanwhile, the group Peers Helping Reaffirm, Educate and Empower will also be taking an active role this month.
Emily Tarconish, a member of the group, tells the Collegian that what her group is doing is very important in terms of advancing women’s rights.

"Everybody thinks everything’s equal in America, but it’s not — there’s still a lot of oppression," she said.

Very interesting! By April, students at Penn State will think women are not fairly compensated, reserve the right to abort a baby and deserve special "women’s rights."

For fear that the conservative side of these issues will not be addressed, allow me to briefly make a few points.

Women do receive fair pay. Any discrepancies in compensation are not a result of gender but rather experience and ability. Consider this: if women were paid less than men for doing the same job, wouldn’t evil, conservative capitalists employee more women in order to pocket more of a profit?

Reproductive Rights: Sure. You have the right to reproduce, and that which is being produced has the right to live. The Declaration of Independence — the charter of this country — makes it very clear: "the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

What are "women’s rights"? And, why should women have special rights. Shouldn’t "rights" just be "rights" — male or female? Can you name a Constitutional right that men currently have and women do not? Exactly!