Frist Hits His Stride (and Feingold)

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R.-Tenn.), fresh off his straw poll win at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference, is making the most of the opportunity presented to him by his liberal colleague, Sen. Russ Feingold (D.-Wis.).

Feingold’s attempt to censure President Bush is turning out to be a nightmare scenario for Democrats—on par with Sen. John Kerry’s (D.-Mass.) impromptu decision to call in a filibuster of Samuel Alito from France!

Frist is vowing to hold all Democrats accountable for Feingold’s action. After setting the tone for the GOP yesterday by critizing Feingold’s censure resolution, Frist struck back again today.

In an email to bloggers stressing their importance in this debate, Frist scolded Feingold and his liberal supporters at Daily Kos. Here’s an excerpt.

Yesterday I attempted to bring Senator Feingold’s resolution to censure President Bush to the Senate floor for a vote. That moment was a great chance for the Democrat Party to stand on their “principles” and vote. The Democrat Minority objected.

Why? Because they don’t want a vote.

Senate Democrats hoped the Republican leadership would block a vote. Better to score points with Daily Kos readers and throw sand in the eyes of the American people so Americans could not see what this resolution really means: the Democrats are incapable of leading America.

I am determined to put the Democrats on the record. I want a vote. I want to know where Hillary Clinton stands on this censure? How about John Kerry? What about their leader Harry Reid? More importantly, I want the American people to know.

Frist also asked bloggers who don’t have comments on their site to visit his VOLPAC blog, which is bustling with activity. Please do so. This issue deserves a healthy debate.