Pence's Podcasts Are Welcome Addition

Before being elected to Congress, Rep. Mike Pence (R.-Ind.) was a professional talk-radio host. So Pence’s decision to begin offering Podcasts on his House website should come as no surprise for anyone who closely follows the man who calls himself “Rush Limbaugh on decaf.”

The congressman who was the first to have an in-office radio studio and the first to start an official blog is now offering his constituents—and his conservative fans—the latest technology craze: Podcasts, downloadable audio files that draw their name from the iPod.

Pence will make available floor speeches, radio interviews, press conferences and other multimedia presentations on his website. Right now you can listen to Pence on the Dubai Ports World contract, the Republican Study Committee budget proposal and the importance of renewing the Patriot Act.

So what inspired Pence to take the leap?

"’Pence’s Podcasts’ are basically Internet broadcasts that can be viewed, listened to and downloaded anywhere, in any format, in many different ways," he said in a press release Monday announcing the new feature. "This will give me even greater ability to communicate with my constituents on issues that are important to them."

Pence joins at least two other House Republicans who already offer Podcasts: Rep. Jack Kingston (Ga.) and Mike Conaway (Tex.).

Kingston has his own Podcast Station, complete with his Top 10 Tunes, which range from Ray Charles’ “Georgia on My Mind” to Outkast’s “Hey Ya!” On a more serious note, you can hear Kingston speak about fuel independence and port security. He also provides Podcasts of Rep. Bob Inglis (R.-S.C.) and Gil Gutknecht (R.-Minn.)

Conaway, meanwhile, offers Podcasts as part of his blog. You can hear him talk about immigration reform and the AMERICA Act, a bill he introduced that stands for “A Modest Effort to Read and Instill the Constitution Again.”

Kudos to these congressmen (and any others I’ve missed) for embracing blogs and Podcasting. As we’ve discovered at Human Events Online, there is a market for Podcasts—one that will only grow larger—and that’s why we’ve begun offering audio alongside the weekly columns of Terry Jeffrey and Mac Johnson. We hope to add more soon.