Futile, but Also Tedious

There’s nothing wrong with a futile gesture, but there’s something deeply wrong about being inside on a sunny 81-degree day listening to the tedious (and possible insufferable) Sen. Russ Feingold "explain" his lunatic resolution to censure the President. I’m turning it off.

Without ideas to slow them down, the Democrats play to their angry base by reflexively opposing anything the administration does. It’s a necessary simplification strategy, but over time it calls attention to the political motive behind each mad dash to the cameras.

First they jumped all over the ports deal in a transparent attempt to seem relevant on national security, only to lose their footing when it became clear they couldn’t find Dubai on a map, much less tell a container terminal from a bus terminal. Now Feingold uses a flimsy stunt to shop his tired "Bush lies" mantra and we’re supposed to wonder if he’ll get any traction with that. At least he didn’t phone it in from Davos.