More Reaction to ‘The Professors’

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  • 09/21/2022

David Horowitz's new book The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America continues to enrage educators.

Do a quick Google-news search for "David Horowitz," and you'll see that hundreds of articles from across the nation have been written about his book. Most of these pieces feature the actual professors on Horowitz's "Most Dangerous" list. And, as you’d expect, a majority of them denounce and mock 'The Professors' while a few even take pride in the recognition.

Professor Mark Levine at UC Irvine made the list and writes on

"Judging by the combination of congratulations and jealous glances I received from colleagues, it would seem that the only thing worse than being named to a list like this is not being named to it. In fact, while a lot of colleagues are very upset about the very idea of Horowitz's list, I'll admit that I would have been really angry if I had been left off."

There you have it - other radical left-wing educators are envious of Professor Levine who's delighted by the attention.

Meanwhile, at Columbia University - where multiple "dangerous academics" are identified by Horowitz - the editorial staff of the Columbia Spectator believes the claims made in The Professors are far-fetched:

"Many academics are indeed left wing, and some have even published a significant amount of politically charged material. This does not mean that they spend their class time indoctrinating students with those perspectives. Even if a professor’s research coincides with the subject matter of the courses he teaches, it is entirely possible to teach without personal bias."

How many examples of liberal indoctrination would be necessary to convience these critics that professors and administrators are abusing their positions of power and influence? How many more radical professors does Horowitz have to identify? How many more stories of liberal bias does Human Events U have to cover? How many more cases of liberal indoctrinatin does the Network of College Conservatives have to expose?

It's doubtful any specific number exists. But, then again, our work is not necessarily for them. It's for you! Ultimatly, it's your pocketbook that will decide who wins this battle for academia. Tuition dollars and donations are the life blood of colleges and universities. So, which professors and administrators will you be funding?


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