See and Hear No Evil

The American Spectator reports that as of this past Friday, Department of Justice lawyers in the Office of Legal Counsel were “attempting to determine if former President Bill Clinton had registered as an ‘Agent of a Foreign Principal.’”

Why would Bill have to do such a thing?  Because he admitted counseling officials with the United Arab Emirates and with Dubai World Ports on the ports deal, and federal law requires anyone, even a former President, who does political or public affairs work on behalf of a foreign country, agency or official must register with the Department, and also update his status every six months.

According to the Spectator, “It was not clear that Clinton had done so.”  The Spectator also reports that, although Hillary may be claiming to have known nothing about her husband’s dealing with Dubai, “members of her Senate staff most assuredly did.”

An employee of a firm that does work for both Bill and Hillary told The Prowler that “There were enough people in the Clintons’ orbit who were potentially going to be part of the deal.  We were pursuing work on the ports deal, and we cleared our participation with Clinton’s office. We didn’t want there to be a conflict.” 

In addition, there were at least two senior outside advisers to Mrs. Clinton who were trying to drum up business from the Port Deal, and “President Clinton was the go-between.”  And of course there were Bill’s various business dealings with the U.A.E., which caused a former staffer of Bill’s to tell the Spectator, “She was also very much aware of President Clinton’s financial arrangements with the U.A.E.  We’re talking about more than a million dollars, some of paid out soon out after they left the White House. That income helped the Clintons buy the properties that allow them to live both in New York and Washington, D.C. This was not an insignificant financial arrangement.”

But despite all this, Hillary is on the record as denying any knowledge of Bill’s intervention, so all that is left for her now is to stick to her story and maybe claim that this was just another case of her rogue husband doing dangerous deeds behind her back.  It has worked before, so why not try it again.


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