American Lefties Rooting for Terrorists

Any sensible person knows there is no civil right for foreigners to conspire over American telephone lines to kill Americans and plan attacks against her cities. Yet the left cries impeachment when President Bush orders the National Security Agency to monitor the more than 300 calls coming from the No. 3 al Qaeda leader at Mideast headquarters to his agents residing in probable sleeper cells here in this country.

The left calls that eavesdropping, spying. Good! I hope the President and law enforcement agencies are indeed spying on those coordinating plans to harm us and our children here on our own streets.

This is not a civil liberties issue. Where’s the torture? Where’s the violation of the Geneva Accords? Where’s the harsh treatment and humiliation or disrespect for the Koran we always hear about? Nobody, especially the President, is interested in sitting around listening to the conversations of Mary Jane on Elm Street complain to Betty Lou about the President’s policy on prescription drugs.

It is being made an issue primarily by those who have an agenda to bring this country down. For many on the left, this goal began long ago. Yes, there are those who can’t wait for this “capitalist” country to be humiliated and for the “racist” and “cowboy/ imperialist” Americans to get what they deserve. They want a weakened and temporarily defeated America.

But how do you lull the citizens and elected officials into disarmament? You do so by playing the “civil liberties card.” You scare everyone, especially the naive and good-willed who are oblivious to your long term goals, that the NSA is only one hour away from opening your mail from Aunt Betty.

In the name of civil liberties — it sounds so noble and American — you disarm your country and set up hundreds of moral-sounding legal barriers aimed at stopping the country from protecting itself. You enlist liberal politicians — hungry to regain power any which way — to carry your message. Through fancy-foot-work legalities, you render impotent a great military and domestic law enforcement apparatus.

To that end, almost every day a new civil liberties violation is concocted by “activists” against an America trying to defend itself. They claim our war is illegal, our investigations unlawful, our treatment of prisoners wrong, our soldiers are war criminals, our methods contrary to human rights, that we are “profilers.” They have tried every which way to tie our hands from protecting ourselves from the jihadists. We can’t kill them, we can’t spy on them, we can’t interrogate them, and any domestic safeguard is labeled excessive and racist.

The unthinkable truth may be hard to accept. But it must be stated. There are American citizens born here — who are not Muslims — who are rooting for the jihadists. Even more perplexing is that these home-grown haters of America are not from the disenfranchised but the wealthy, the successful, the prominently placed who have been blessed in America with riches, access and comfort. Many are found in the ACLU.

They hate America not because of what America has done to them but because of what they’ve been taught about America in very liberal textbooks and universities here, and because many had parents and siblings who viewed unfavorably Mr. and Mrs. America and our heartland. Many are found in the consistently anti-American “humanitarian” watch groups, camouflaging their goal of demonizing America under high-sounding labels.

There is nothing new about a fragment of citizens within a country hoping for its country’s defeat. What is new is how it is coming so often from the wealthy classes, and how broad it is. Worse, those harboring these poisonous sentiments are, more than ever before, the shapers of societal opinions, cultural arbiters, and prominent in the media from which Americans make political decisions. Their access and money have allowed these unelected and unaccountable activists the power to shape policy as if elected officials.

How did this happen? Fifty years of unprecedented wealth and comfort — a soft and safe life so different from world history– has allowed two generations of middle/upper middle class Americans to luxuriate in incessant piercing of its own country, criticizing and ostracizing each of its facets. What started out as avant garde self-righteousness has degenerated into a loathing of America itself: a self-hate of our nationhood, historic culture, and power.

This has given birth to an outlook which sees America as the source of all misery and evil in the world. American power is dangerous, they assert, and Samson must be weakened and humiliated. This outlook has given meaning to the soft lives of those not haunted by hunger or cold or the unavailability of sporting events tickets. This better-than-thou, arrogant outlook has given purpose to self-centered lives bereft of the transcendence found in serious religious practice or patriotism.

Besides, their anti-Americanism has come with no cost or material sacrifice. They have haloed themselves simply by criticizing their country. In fact, its practitioners have found adulation from cultural elitists, as well as from the trendy internationalist set. Many of our “upscale” citizens have joined the internationalist set, criticism of America being its calling card and initiation ritual.

Many are internationalists who were taught by their parents and circle that they are superior to the average American who is racist, unsophisticated, uneducated, simply common, a red neck. Among themselves, they identify as internationalists. They do identify as Americans, however, when hoping to influence American policy, leftward.

Do they feel guilty weakening America? No, for in their heart many believe that America’s white, Christian conservatives now in power are closet Nazis. Yes, there are those in America who do believe this, having heard it from esteemed loved ones. It is a predisposition that interprets as guilty actions and events that to the normal eye are routine and innocuous. This accounts for the out of bounds hysteria that comes with each charge declaring we are on the verge of right-wing dictatorship.

The President and his advisers would do well to realize that within certain groups there is a belief that finds him guilty simply because of his background and makes no distinction between him and WWII fascists. He would be wise, therefore, not to listen to their disingenuous assertions of “higher morality” designed to put us always at a disadvantage, to confuse us and diminish our resolve.

Would these critics suddenly become more patriotic if they could just “make it in society”? No, for they have already made it, far and above the dreams of most Americans. Besides, many are embarrassed by antiquated notions of patriotism.

To be sure, many use “civil liberties” as a plaything and a “calling” that makes them feel superior to other Americans — after all, only the more enlightened and sensitive care more about the rights of the enemy than that of our own right to live. “Understanding” and defending terrorists implies, at least in their circles, that you are a human a-cut-above.

They, of course, can indulge themselves in these romantic notions of themselves and their group precisely because they know that the “mean-spirited” conservatives are out there making sure America is protected from their foolishness. How well I remember students in my generation calling for “the Pigs” when they needed protection.

Many are the types who champion the rights of criminals yet themselves reside in insulated gated communities. They revel in calling our country racist and non-integrated but send their children to exclusive private schools. They are “feel good” hypocrites, a dastardly character flaw.

In their disdain for their own country they see racism only in America while disregarding the theologic and systemic racism among the jihadists they defend. They see danger only in the religion of American Christianity while being blind to the dark ages that fundamentalist Islam will bring to the world. As enemies of America, they have aligned with America’s enemy, Islamism, since “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” They are myopic as well as foolish.

Granted, many of America’s enemies within are in academia and are considered highly educated. However, a good brain guarantees neither maturity nor emotional and psychological soundness. It is dangerous to take orders and guidance from those who exhibit an emotional disorder. Those living and benefiting lavishly from this country who yet despise it or distance themselves from it reveal a seriously warped psychological make up. Those who disregard the safety of their own countrymen under a distorted view of civil liberties — granting to non-American terrorists the rights, concern and compassion due a law abiding citizen — are fanatics. Dangerous fanatics.

I have no doubt that among the sicker of these lefties are those who would relish a small but successful attack on America in hopes of America receiving the humiliation it deserves and a slap to its vaunted military power. Three cheers for the world’s freedom fighters against the world’s imperialist power! Of course, they’d not volunteer to be one of the victims of the glorious uprising.

What about mainstream left-wingers? How can they be part of this steady attack on virtually every American effort and method for defeating the terrorists? Why are they working to weaken our ability for victory? Do they not fear the suicide bombers of the enemy?

In truth, many think that what we are doing is not crucial to our safety, since they believe that if we would but reach out and “understand” more, the terrorists would stop terrorizing. Many foolishly believe that the jihadists simply want to be heard and are reacting to years of faulty American foreign policy. In other words, the aforementioned belief among many liberals that most of the world’s problems stem from American arrogance, power, and multicultural insensitivity. That being their gut view, they see the NSA, CIA, FBI, the military, etc. as being ancillary to our safety. Thus, they are deliberately weakening these institutions in the hope of forcing us to the apology/negotiating table, where America will eat humble pie — and then be loved.

This shows that there is among the “enlightened” not simply an emotional problem but a cognitive problem as well. How smart can one be if unaware that jihadist terrorism is taking place in dozens of countries — unaffiliated with America, and against dozens of nationalities, ethnic and religious groups not tied to Christianity, Bush, or even Westernism? How smart can one pretend to be if unable to see jihadism for what it is: a decades in the making religious imperialism, a crusade to bring as much of the world under Allah.

Only “intellectuals,” as they did with Hitler and Stalin before, could be deaf to the crystal clear pronouncements by the mullahs and ayatollahs calling for religious jihad as homage to Mohammed. Islamic imperialism has nothing to do with America’s foreign policy.

Those who consider themselves smarter, and gifted with greater understanding and cultural nuance, always assume that negotiation solves every global problem. After all, that is what they do. They don’t lead armies, they sit on the Council of Foreign Relations, in the halls of The Hague and on the faculty at NYU and Georgetown. Thus their vested interest blinds them to the reality of the enemy. Indeed, he is not the enemy, simply an opposing point of view in need of reckoning. Even the brains of people with high IQs can become dumb and dishonest when in service to their ego and honor.

Though it is difficult to concede that there are charming and erudite citizens among us who are not rooting for America, it is something we must acknowledge. Some are working against us and exploiting our better angels, using lofty terminology to weaken us. These are not the seedy, back room economic communists of the old days. These are today’s rich cultural Marxists who occupy the front room.

Our safety and the survival of all we hold dear must overcome Pollyanna-ish delusions. Yes, among us are traitors, spoiled and rebellious children of America’s bounty. Now that we know — let us fight them with all we have.